How does web hosting affect search engine rankings?

The article concerns the following question – How does web hosting affect search engine rankings? Web hosting is an often taken for granted service offered to people. Some people will choose the cheapest web hosting they can find in the misinformed thoughts that that is the best way to go because all web hosts are the same. Some people I have talked to genuinely feel this way. It’s really upsetting and when I inform them of how crucial their choice of web hosts is, they are upset that no one has told them sooner.

How does web hosting affect search engine rankings

Web hosting can affect your search engine ranking for a variety of reasons. Number 1, does your host have reliable or guaranteed uptime? If your web host can guarantee that your site can be up about 100 percent of the time and accessed from any computer with internet access 24 hours a day, you are doing a good job! It’s very important that your site be up even while you are asleep. There are even web host monitoring services that can let you know if your site was down for any length of time and they will email you if your site is down. Some of these services are even free.

Another reason web hosting can affect your search engine rankings is because if your site IS down, and the search engine “robots” “crawl” your website and it is down, it will not be indexed on the search engines with your fresh content. A robot is what google uses to “crawl” or “get access” to what information is available on your website. This can affect your web rankings because if it were updated with fresh content it could bring your site even higher up in the rankings. And this is obviously very important.

Another part of web hosting that can affect your search engine rankings is if your web host is hosting “garbage” or “illegal” websites. This cannot always be easily found out but if you do some research on your web host, there are web hosting review services that can let you know of anything shady that you should need to know about your web hosting company or one that you are considering using. Some hosts are not picky about who they host and if they do host sites with illegal content then the search engines may actually penalize your site for being on the same “block” of IP’s and you may just be an unwitting casualty in the process.

However, since any of these things can affect your website and its search engine rankings, it is very important to consider all of them. Do your research, get a web hosting monitor service and some of them are even free, make sure they offer guaranteed uptime, and also make sure that your web host has technical support open 24 hours a day or at least with a quick response time via email or phone so that your website can get fixed quickly if there is ever a problem. This is vital for your business and if you want good search engine rankings then your web host will need to be top notch.

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