How does Online Education work?

The article concerns the question – How does Online Education work? These days almost every college in the world offers some form of online education and they all do it differently. Many people who are considering online learning wonder just how it works, the answer is that it depends on the school. No two schools run their online education programs the same way, this can make it hard to choose the school that is right for you. In order to make this decision you will need to assess how you like to learn and find a school that meets those needs.

How does Online Education work?

Online education is really not that different from a traditional on campus program these days. As the technology has improved it has become possible for students to watch lectures from there professors and even to interact with them. However the exact working of each program varies from school to school and there are as many different approaches as there are colleges.

Most online programs us asynchronous lectures, meaning that you can log in at any time and watch recorded lecture, however others may require you to be online at certain times to watch the lecture live. Some schools don’t even have lectures but require you to read the lecture notes online while others will even mail you the lecture notes on paper and require you to read them offline.

There are also a huge variety of different means of interacting with your professor when taking an online program. The most common is to use a chat room in order to talk to your professor but some schools will require that it be done by email, others may even have you contact him by phone. Web casting has become more and more common and as the technology improves more schools have started to offer video conferencing as a means of talking to your professor. There are even some schools that don’t provide you with access to a professor at all.

Generally online education programs will require that you submit your assignments over the internet but there are still some programs that will require that you mail a paper copy to the school to be graded. Some schools will allow you to take your exams online but most will require that you take them at an exam centre or with a proctor. Proctored exams may be offered online but are usually paper based.

It is becoming more and more common for schools to offer self paced courses for their online students. These are courses that you can enrol in at any time of the year and work through at your own pace. Generally you will be given a time limit of six months to complete the course but if you can finish in less time than that if you choose. There are however still a number of schools that run their online courses on the semester system, meaning that you will need to adhere to their schedule.

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