How Can I Be A Successful Blogger?

The article concerns the question – How Can I Be A Successful Blogger? Well the sad truth is that 99% of people that start blogging will not be able to make a good living from blogging and in a world where success is often times measured by income that means that 99% of bloggers will not succeed.

How Can I Be A Successful Blogger?

If you are still reading this article then I’m sure you probably fall into the 1% of people that will be successful bloggers because the first step is having determination to succeed. If you just think you can start a blog and you can start cashing checks you are in for a rude awakening. It took me a few years before I saw $1 from blogging and had I given up after the first year or two I would not be where I am today. So if you are determined then your blog should be successful.

Determination could be the only factor needed to succeed with running a blog. If you work hard enough day after day eventually you will get noticed, that is the truth. Of course the issue is when will you get noticed? With search engines like Google this could take a day, a week, a month, a year or a decade however eventually you will get noticed.

Usually you will get noticed from an article you write that no one else has written before and you suddenly become the number 1 search result on Google on that. My big break came when I wrote an article about how to get Modern Warfare 2 titles and emblems and ended up ranking between number 1 and 2 for many terms related to getting Modern Warfare 2 titles and emblems. To this day I’m still making money from this one article and which is a great feeling.

If you don’t feel like waiting for Google there are many other methods you can use to get your articles seen and thus become a successful blogger. With the growth of social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter it has become increasingly easy to get people to read your stuff just by sending them a link to it.

If you create a fan page or twitter account for your blog you can really reap the benefits of social media traffic. This method can also help you get traffic from search engines since you may attract attention of other bloggers who may then link to your article and cause your article to rank higher.

Of course if we remove money from the equation the biggest thing with being a successful blogger is by blogging. Set goals for yourself whether you want to write 5 articles a day or 5 articles a month make sure you stick to those goals and if you can keep blogging then you will sooner or later get the attention of others.

I do recommend focusing on a certain Niche however because someone that likes computers may not care about cooking recipes and vice versa. If you stick to a certain topic then you should be successful just as long as you are determined enough to be successful.

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