How Can A Teenager Make Money?

So how can a teenager make money? The reason I’m writing this blog post is because I make money online and have done for a long time and I have a lot of teenage nephews and all of them ask me how I make money and if they can do the same.

How Can A Teenager Make Money

And teenagers love technology and computers as you know and if they know its possible to make money online and have websites do the work for them so they can go off and play friends or girlfriends then its going to spark an immediate interest. That’s why we have a lot of teenagers coming to Google typing in “how can a teenager make money”.

So what do I tell my teenage nephews when they ask me how can a teenager make money? We simply say Internet Marketing. Internet marketing is what I do online to make money and its so easy. In this blog post I will keep things very simply so you understand what to do in order to make money online if you’re a teenager.

The first thing you need to do is find a niche market to sell something in. So this could be anything. Think of something your interested in. To give you an example one of my teenage nephews I showed this to was interested in the game “World Of Warcraft” and you might now know this but there are a lot of people coming online and searching for tips on how to play this game better.

This is a niche market you could get into. Its all about setting up a information product to help them people. You can make this product yourself by writing a helpful guild or you could even get someone else to create the product for you. Or you could simply advertise someone else’s product in this niche market for a cut of the commission. This is known as affiliate marketing and is very good because you don’t have to spend time creating a product and you don’t have to deal with customer support. All you do is drive traffic to your affiliate link which you can get from

How Can Teenagers Make Money

So once you have your product created you will need a website and sales letter. I’m not going to go into how to do this because it will take to long but what I will say is this. If your new this will be very had to do. The good news is you can pay someone to do this for you for a few hundred dollars. A good place to go is so go over there post a job and tell people what you want and workers will start bidding on your work. Many teenagers ask me how can teenagers make money and its so easy. They simply don’t know that everything can be outsourced on and they could be making money within weeks.

Once you have your website and product you will need to know how to accept payments. Again a very good place to help you accept payments is Not only can you become an affiliate if you do not want to create your own product but you can actually put your own product on and they accept payments for you and allow other affiliates to drive traffic to your new product and website.

And that’s really all you need after you have got your website and product setup is traffic. So creating your own products is harder but it does have its advantages. The main advantage is you can setup an affiliate program and affiliates will drive you all the traffic you ever need and this means you do not have to go out and try and get your own traffic which can be hard and expensive.

So how can a teenager make money? Well I hope if you’re a teenager reading this your starting to understand how I make money? If your still not 100% sure what you need to do to get started I highly recommend you enter your name and email below to get my free traffic action plan. Not only will you learn about how to drive traffic which is what you need to make money but I also show you some things you can start selling online to make some big money.

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