Holding SEO/SEM Responsible

The following article is about Holding SEO/SEM Responsible. There’s become an increasing issue in the world of SEO that has been crippling business for many individuals who aren’t doing in house work. That issue is credibility. The fact is, SEO is not an exact science. Nor is it something that one can get certified or accredited in any reputable manner.

Holding SEO/SEM Responsible

The desire to have your SEO/SEM done in house has grown significantly due to the lack of security and guarantee that online marketing firms can offer. There currently is no company offering an insurance policy or anything of the like for their clients if they happen to make the wrong decision. In SEO the wrong decision can cost you more money then you normally spend in a month just to make things right. So why would you trust an outside source.

Unless these SEO/SEM agencies start showing a clear difference between them, there really isn’t any way to decide which one to pick out of all of them available. Those that provide portfolios of past or present clients still have to compete with the fact that not everything being done currently is their work. New companies will find it hard to get their foot in the door.

Perhaps now is the time for the SEO community to band together and establish a core set of values and certify those who follow along with the basic guidelines. This would give a lot of credit to an industry that is one of the leaders in the online marketing world right now. Plus the cost of out sourcing an entire department is much cheaper then employing them internally.

Overall, the entire SEO/SEM community needs something a little sturdier to tie them together. They need something that will hold them responsible especially in a time when the economy isn’t exactly handling expensive budgets oh so well. Hopefully they’ll be able to figure something out.

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