Highlight Your Most Important Posts

In the article I’ll tell you about why it is important to Highlight Your Most Important Posts. I know we all used to love those old fan pages, but they had one serious drawback: they were strictly date based. Your blogs flowed past in a chronological river, like a blog, and once they fell off the top of the page, they were gone and very often forgotten.

Highlight Your Most Important Posts

This is no longer the case – Facebook now gives you a chance to highlight and pin features to make sure those important announcements are seen by everyone.

Highlight your Post to Draw Attention to it as an Important Post

When you highlight a post it makes it stretch all the way across the entire width of the page, which draws attention to it.

To highlight a post:

• Hover over the upper right corner of the post and click the star (you can un-highlight by clicking the star again. Highlighted posts continue to move with the rest of the timeline, but they will remain larger than the others until you un-highlight them.)

Pin a Post to Stick it to the Top of your Timeline

Pinning a post sticks it to the top of your timeline until you unpin it or until 7 days are up, whichever comes first. It doesn’t change the size of a post but it does keep it front of mind for your page visitors.

To pin a post:

• Click the edit symbol in the upper right corner of the post, then click ‘pin to top’. Pinned posts have a small ribbon icon to indicate they’re pinned. To unpin a post, simply click edit, then ‘unpin’ from the menu.

Pin or Highlight – not both!

It’s not possible to both pin and highlight a post at the same time, unfortunately. But with a little forethought, you can use these features to make sure your readers are seeing your most important information. It is important to make your posts stand out to your fans because we are bombarded with posts from hundreds of people, companies, and news outlets each and every day. This will make your business’ social media presence stronger.

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