Header Tags Aren’t Getting Traffic to Your Website

The following article tells that Header Tags Aren’t Getting Traffic to Your Website. It would almost make sense that header tags such as h1, h2, etc. would help in getting traffic to your website. The problem of it is – they don’t. They won’t hurt your traffic either, so if you’re used to using them, go right ahead. They neither really help nor really hurt your rankings.

Header Tags Aren’t Getting Traffic to Your Website

The rationale here is that pretty much, if you designate certain keywords as “headers,” this will draw the attention of the spiders to those keywords. It kind of makes sense, except that it doesn’t work that way. Multiple testing of this idea has consistently proven it wrong.

There are several reasons why this couldn’t work out. First of all, let’s assume that keywords have the same monumental importance that they previously had. The algorithms that the spiders work by don’t include header tags. It’s pretty much the same thing as saying that bolded or italicized keywords help your rankings.


Meta Descriptions – The Exception to the Rule

There is this one exception: It may be more likely that your keywords will show up in the meta description. Again, this will not overtly help your rankings. The search engines don’t consider much about websites based on their meta descriptions, whether they are generated by the search engine or the developers. You might increase some human traffic by theoretically ensuring that your keywords are in the search engine generated meta description, but don’t hold your breath. The keywords tend to be in there anyway.

The second reason that header tags don’t work for rankings is simply that keywords don’t have that much importance anymore. They have importance, yes, but there isn’t a magical formula to use them to improve your rankings. However, you can still get banned for keyword stuffing, so make sure that you’re not doing that in your header tags any more than the rest of your site.

It’s All about the Content

Another reason that putting keywords in header tags doesn’t work is that if the spiders come to that page, they’re going to crawl enough of the content on it to determine what they need to know about the keywords. If header tags DID get special consideration and draw attention to certain keywords, then so what? They’ve seen enough of the rest of your content that the headers don’t matter when it comes down to it.

Keyword Stuffing in the Header Tags

Why is it that the spiders don’t really care about header tags? Call it a hunch, but it looks like an easily exploitable flaw that could be used as a black hat trick. If header tags got special attention, and you can pretty much put in however many you want, guess what? You could spam the crap out of your header tags. You would, of course, have to be careful about keyword stuffing, but you could stuff less and have more weight. Guess who would catch on and not like it?

In the final analysis, you can use header tags all you want, but you shouldn’t expect any big results out of them.

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