Google Analytics – A Few Underused Metrics

The following article gives information on Google Analytics – A Few Underused Metrics. With Google Analytics spewing more and more data with every upgrade, it is possible that you miss out on key metrics. Most analytics pros focus on traffic trends, bounce rate or conversions, while overlooking a wealth of other information. However, to be a smart ‘analytics ninja’, it is important to closely look at and drill down other metrics and reports to get data which you have missed till now.

Google Analytics – A Few Underused Metrics


Google Analytics – Metrics that have been Overlooked

Some of the most obvious yet underutilized metrics in Google Analytics are as follows:

Visitor Frequency, Recency and Engagement

Basic yet overlooked, these metrics can reveal a great deal about your target audience behavior. Visitor frequency and recency tell how frequently people visit your website and the time between visits. For e.g. If you have an ecommerce portal selling sunglasses and you have a spike in visits within two days then people don’t take too much time to buy sunglasses from your website.

If there are no returning visitors and there is a spike only in the category of one time visitors then your website sucks and is not able to attract returning visitors. Visitor Engagement refers to how do your audience react to your website. You can analyze this by looking at time on site and number of pageviews. Usually the 0-10s category has the highest peak. These metrics when combined with conversions can further give a more clear data that can be used for retargeting campaigns.

Multi-Channel Funnels

Multi-channel funnels refer to the various paths taken by visitors to convert on your website. Right from the first touch point to the last, the report gives all the referral points that the visitors took before converting. This helps to understand the number of visits and touch points taken by visitors before converting.

Advanced Segments

As the name suggests, advanced segments helps to focus on a focused set of data as against the overall site data. Segmenting traffic helps to understand the trends and changes happening to a specific set of traffic as against the overall site traffic.

These are some of the top Google Analytics metrics that have been under utilized by several analytics professionals. This, despite the fact that these metrics can provide a wealth of information and insights. It is only when you use these metrics regularly that you can truly dig deeper, get a fresh perspective and of course make correct recommendations to your marketing teams.

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