Google +1 and SEO

Google +1 and SEO: How One Affects the Other. The correlation between Google +1 and SEO has been the subject of discussion ever since Google +1 was invented. Similar to the ‘like’ feature on Facebook, Google +1 has been integrated into all aspects of Google. Well, almost all aspects. Google engineers without a doubt created a search engine ‘genie’ when they built Google +1. Recent changes in Google’s search engine algorithm suggest that Google +1 may be more important to your search engine optimization efforts than you might have originally thought.

Google +1 and SEO

The correlation

It has become clear that items featuring Google +1 receive a higher click through rate as well as a better chance that they will be shared thus creating an ‘accumulating effect’ as far as linkage is concerned. Some of the major reasons as to why Google +1 is better for your SEO are:

Your posts get crawled and indexed very fast

Google as a search engine has complete access to Google +1, unlike to most social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This means that anything you share on Google +1 is crawled and indexed at a faster rate. Due to privacy issues and access restrictions by most of the social media platforms, some posts almost never get indexed soon enough if at all.

Your post undergoes semantic relevance optimization

On Google + every post has its own specific URL, the first 50 characters make up your title tag, and you can post long entries to better explore the subject matter. Research has shown that longer and more relevant posts rank higher on search engines.

That being said, what are some of the best ways to make sure that Google +1 works for you and your search engine optimization efforts?

Optimize your title tags

As mentioned earlier, the first 50 characters make up your title tag. It’s therefore important that you fully optimize your first sentence for this is what most people will see and by choosing appropriate relevant keywords, you get a better click through rate and ranking on the search engine.

Connect with your niche leaders

Google +1 provides several methods through which you can subtly connect with your niche leaders without coming off as pushy and spammy. In order to properly connect with someone, you can prompt a notification by:

  • Sharing a post directly with them
  • Mentioning them in a post
  • Commenting on their post or after they have commented on another post
  • Adding them to your circle or suggesting to them people that they can add to a circle
  • Either tag them in one of your photos, or suggest a profile photo for them
  • And much more

You need to be careful because harassing people and spamming their mail boxes still leads to your being banned forever.

Adapt first and start using Google +1

It’s no secret, Facebook and Twitter quite literally took over the internet. Google +1 is growing rapidly in popularity though. And being that it belongs to Google, the search engine juggernaut, it is only a matter of time before it becomes an indispensable SEO tool. It would pay to start learning and familiarizing yourself with the intricate workings now.

Without a doubt, Google +1 and SEO go hand in hand. Whether that was intentional from the Google engineers or not is irrelevant. What is relevant is that fact that it does affect your SEO efforts and learning to use it could foster a very beneficial relationship between your pages and their ranking on Google.

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