Good Website Design

In the article I share what I learned about a Good Website Design. Many web designers, especially beginners would often come across the question that “What is a Good Website Design?” Web designers often get caught between making a website that looks great and is user friendly. Some of the most key elements in a good website design are given below.

Good Website Design



One of the fundamentals of a good website design is to have a logical flow that the users can follow. Studies show that users generally start scanning web pages from the top left, which is why your logo or brand name should go in there. For e.g. Users will be directed through a series of small steps. They will first see the logo/brand name followed by the site objective, punch lines and then the main body text.


Choosing the right font is the essence of a good website design. Every font style will lend a specific effect. Some fonts are trendy, some are retro, some are formal etc. Ensure that you choose the right font for the appropriate job. Also, ensure that the font size is readable and not too small. Readers must be able to easily read the content or else they will get frustrated and leave the website.


Use graphics that are relevant to the topic, pleasing and well co-ordinated with the content. Also, ensure that the size is absolutely precise. Also, every graphic should have an Alt tag that helps in SEO.

Make Browsing a Pleasure for Users

Users want to know as much as possible about any product/service/company before they make a purchase or a deal. A good website design allows them to browse the website freely without forcing them to register or share any private information. Users do not like to share private information unnecessarily and will leave the website. Also, ensure that they get any information within 2-3 clicks. Any more steps will frustrate the user who will lose patience and leave the website

Crisp & Clear Content

Crisp, clear and effective copy is an integral part of a good website design. Using the right words in the right context and with the right emphasis can communicate the message to the users. Also, while writing for the web, avoid using long sentences, exaggerated language and unfamiliar terms. This will confuse the readers who will lose interest and leave.


A good website design is the one that does not just look good but also provides great usability. A website that looks great but is difficult to use is of no use. If the users are unable to or not undertaking the required action, you can assume that there is some problem with the usability.

Call to Action

As far as possible use a simple or conventional ‘Call to Action’ so that users know exactly what they need to do.


Consistency refers to keeping the design consistent throughout the website. This means that a few elements like the header, footer, fonts and button styles should be common on all pages. One easy way to maintain design consistency is to have a good set of CSS stylesheets.

These are some of the most important guiding principles to make a good website design. Following these principles to the core can enable you to design a good and successful website.

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