Good Topics for Entertaining Blogs

This article tells you about Good Topics for Entertaining Blogs. The power of blogs is ever increasing as the number of blog readers in the U.S reached 122.6 million last year. As blogs are such a good way to publicize yourself, showcase your talent and talk about your hobbies and interests with free reign, there really is no reason that everyone shouldn’t have one. However, the dilemma that every new blogger must resolve is finding a topic that will be of interest to at least a small percentage of the population.

Good Topics for Entertaining Blogs


Believe in yourself

Firstly, when starting a blog you need to believe that both you and your topic are interesting. Although developing a distinct and engaging writing style will definitely help make even the dullest subject matter entertaining, you still need good content. Rack your brains for things which you find interesting and would want to read about. If you find the subject entertaining, you’ll write in a way that reflects your interest and sounds engaged.

Topic Time

Currently, there are blogs on nearly every subject possible, so coming up with a completely novel idea is unlikely, but this does not mean your blog cannot be entertaining. If you write about yourself and your experiences you will also be able to bring them to life more clearly, which is a reason that a lot of novels are autobiographically based.

With regard to specific topics there are a few things that most people find entertaining, for example comedy. To go for a comedy angle, quotes or mis-quotes from children are always a winner, and by following your kids around with a pen and paper you’ll create a fun, funny blog, while recording good memories for yourself.

You could also use a blog to vent your anger in the style of Room 101, but make sure that you keep it upbeat, as reading your rants will not be entertaining for every long. Similarly, guilty pleasures always make for an interesting read, and can often be supplemented with good use of wider media, for example pictures, audio and videos. Reviews will also go down well if the subject is well-known or there is an example of it on the blog.

Make-and-do blogs can also be entertaining if they include pictures and a friendly, impersonal writing style – people don’t want to be lectured at. Finally, if you have the time, setting yourself challenges and documenting how you get on also makes for entertaining reading. A good idea is to pick something you are not very good at such as cooking or talking to new people, as pushing yourself out of your comfort zone will always make a better story.

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