Getting Traffic to Your Website without Spending a Dime

This article is about Getting Traffic to Your Website without Spending a Dime. You know that getting traffic to your website is essential, but what happens if you do not have any money to spend.  Can you still get targeted traffic, even though you cannot afford to pay for pay-per-click ads and other advertising?  Getting traffic to your website using free methods costs you nothing and is easy to do as long as you are prepared to spend some time.

Getting Traffic to Your Website without Spending a Dime


Content drives traffic

There are several ways you can use content to drive traffic to your website.  Writing articles that are optimized for your keywords and linking to your site is effective; in fact, writing lots of articles can drive an enormous amount of traffic.

Blogging is another way to attract traffic, and search engines love blogs.  Post to your blog frequently, and link to your website using keywords and phrases that you have optimized your Web pages for.  Write a press release, and distribute to some of the free press release sites.

Go viral

You may think that going viral isn’t that easy, but you would be surprised.  Getting traffic to your website through viral marketing can be one of the easiest and most effective things you do.

Write a free short report or e-book, and make it dynamite.  Make it so good that people will think you should have charged $97 for the book instead of giving it away.  Of course, you want to include links to your website in your giveaway, and then offer free copies everywhere – social networking sites, forums, in your article bio box, on your blog.  Give it away BIG TIME.

Classified ads

While classified ads aren’t generally that effective, Craigslist can be very effective if you use it right.  Millions of people visit this site every day.  Find the bigger cities and the proper category for your product/service; then write an attention-grabbing headline for your ad.

Getting traffic to your website doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth, and you can do it without spending a dime.  Try some of these strategies, and see what it does for your traffic flow.

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