Getting Traffic to Your Website Through SEO

The following article is about Getting Traffic to Your Website Through SEO. One totally free method of getting traffic to your website is through SEO, also known as search engine optimization.  At the time you build your site, you should be thinking about the keywords you want to rank for and how you are going to attract targeted visitors.  When you throw a website up with no plan in mind, you can just about guarantee that you won’t get many visitors.  In this blog, we will talk about getting traffic to your website using a few simple SEO strategies.

Getting Traffic to Your Website Through SEO


Choosing and Using Keywords on Your Website

Before you start building your website, decide which keywords will bring you the most targeted traffic; also make sure these are “buying” keywords.  You can do this by searching on Google for the keyword or phrase you are considering.  If a good amount of sponsored ads come up in the right hand column, there is likely money in the niche and keywords you have chosen.

As far as the content of your website, you want to use the keywords and phrases you have chosen often throughout your content, but you want your information to make sense and not sound like gibberish.  A good rule of thumb is to use your chosen keywords once or twice for every 100 words on the page.

You especially want to make sure you use them several times toward the top of your content, so the search engines will understand what your site is about.  With most single or two word key terms, competition is tough; you might want to consider using key terms containing three or more words, which are known as long-tail keywords.

Additional On-page Strategies for Getting Traffic to Your Website

There are several other things you need to do to make sure that your website is well optimized so that it will draw the attention of the search engines when someone searches for information related to your site.  Make sure each page has a good title tag and description.  Many people tend to work harder on the main (or home) page on their site, but it’s important that every page is well optimized.  You also want to interlink the pages of your site to each other, using keywords as anchor text.

Linking Strategies

To the search engines, the more inbound links you have coming from authority sites, the more important your website.  Getting traffic to your website will be much easier if you incorporate a good linking strategy.  Avoid linking to your site from junk or spam websites, as this will hurt your credibility with the search engines.

Build solid links coming in to your pages through articles you submit to the top article directories.  You can also comment on blogs that are related to your topic or offer to guest author on other blogs as long as you are allowed to link back to your site in your signature.  Submit your website to many of the top directories as well, and be sure to submit it to DMOZ, or the Open Directory Project.

Everywhere you go, leave text links that link back to the pages of your site.  Do this in your profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn or MySpace, and also use links in your signature when you participate in forum discussions.

This is just one way of getting traffic to your website.  Include link building in your efforts to increase the number of targeted visitors to your website every day, and you will see results!

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