Getting Traffic to Your Site

That article is about Getting Traffic to Your Site. Why It Seems So Hard, and What You Can Do to Change Things. Is the most difficult aspect of marketing online getting traffic to your website?  With most marketers, this is the number one problem.  You want to attract targeted visitors who will be interested in your offer and who are willing to spend money on a solution for their need or problem.  You may have the best looking site on the planet, but if you aren’t attracting interested visitors, what good does it do?

Getting Traffic to Your Site

It’s really tough to build up your traffic when you are a new marketer, and it DOES take work.  Some people are under the impression that if you build it, they will come – but that is definitely not the case considering all of the competition online today!  Here are some tips for getting traffic to your website:

Content, Content, Content

The old saying “content is king” has never been more true.  Update the content on your website or blog frequently; this compels your visitors to come back and see what great information you have to offer, and the search engines tend to favor sites that offer fresh content on a regular basis.

Add additional pages to your site through articles, and offer real value in your content.  Write as many articles as you possibly can and submit to top ranked article directories.  This is a great strategy for getting traffic to your website, as you can not only attract visitors directly through your article but you also build strong one-way links to your website through your resource box, which is important for increasing page rank.

Blog – and Interact with Other Bloggers

Blogs are an effective method of getting traffic to your website.  If you have a website that needs help, start a blog that is related to your website and start up a conversation.  Post to it often, using keywords for which you have optimized your website for.  Finally, link to your website using those keywords in your posts.

Commenting or guest posting on other niche-related blogs is an effective way of attracting interested visitors and the attention of the search engines as well.  Again, the keyword links you leave on other people’s blogs helps the search engines understand what your site is about so that it performs better in the search engine results.

Getting Traffic to Your Website through Forum Marketing

Spend an hour or so each day interacting in forums that are related to your niche.  By joining in the discussion and offering your advice and knowledge, you will be seen by other members of the forum as an expert.  When members of the forum come to trust the help and advice you offer, they are much more likely to click on the links in your forum signature.  Join three or four forums that are relevant to your niche, and visit often.

There are literally hundreds of methods you can use for getting traffic to your website, but these are a few that will help get you started on the right track.  If you are a new online marketer, these strategies are easy to implement and don’t take a great deal of technical know-how.  Get started now!  Stop wasting time trying to figure it all out, and get busy focusing on those methods that will bring in targeted (and hopefully buying) visitors.

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