Getting a Hang of Analytics to Increase your Online Income

The article gives some basic information on Getting a Hang of Analytics to Increase your Online Income. Consumer behavior is an important element of any business strategy. A business needs to know what its customers think about it in order to improve and give them what they want. The case is pretty similar for your online income as well. Whether you have a YouTube channel, a blog or some other kind of property on the web, you need to assess your readers’ behavior in order to increase your online income.

Getting a Hang of Analytics to Increase your Online Income

Google offers a fantastic tool in the form of Google Analytics to track the number of hits your blog or your website is getting. And it is not just the number of hits that you get to know about. With Google Analytics, you get to know detailed demographics of the visitors to your blog or website, including their country, the number of pages they are visiting, the number of return visitors you have etc.

Here is a lo-down on some of the important aspects of Google Analytics which you can assess in order to increase your online income:


Number of visits

This is the most basic information you get with Google Analytics. As the name suggests, this tells you the number of visitors your website or blog got during a particular period. You can always select a certain period for tracking hits to your blog on Google Analytics. It could be a day, a week, a month or even an year.


Now, this is the most crucial aspect of Google Analytics, one which can actually help you increase your online income. The keywords section in Google Analytics gives you a detailed report on the keywords or phrases that people used to visit your website or blog. Along each keyword or phrase, you get a count of the number of visitors you got through that particular keyword. But this information alone won’t help you in maximizing your online income. Along with this, what you also need is the keywords people generally use to access information pertinent to your area and then comparing it with your own Analytics.

In order to do that, you need to sign up with Google Adwords. You can create an account with Google Adwords by following this link . Within Google Adwords, you need to go to Tools and then to Keyword Tool.

With Keyword Tool, you can see what keywords people are using to find content that is in your domain. For example, if you have a technology blog, within the Keyword Tool, you can type in technology and you will get an extensive list of keywords that people are using to access information on the tech world.

Once you have this list, you can easily compare it with your Analytics account. And after the comparison, comes the strategy part. You need to see the keywords that are already fetching you traffic versus keywords which have a good hit rate but are not there in your Google Analytics keyword list. Pick out a list of 10 such keywords and over the next month or so, all you need to do is write content relevant to those keywords, and voila, your blog or website hits are bound to increase; and hence will increase your online income.


Apart from keywords, another important feature to track in Google Analytics is Location which you can find under Demographics. Location gives you the country of your visitors. Through location, you can gauge the country that’s brining you the most hits and the least hits and then draft your online strategy accordingly.

For example, if India is bringing you 500 hits per month while US is brining you just 10, it is obvious that you need to cater better to the US audience. In order to increase your income online, it is important to have a global set of audience. In order to cater to a particular country better, you need to go back to Google Adwords and look for keywords pertaining to a particular region.

Taking the example of a tech blog again, you need to type in the relevant keyword or phrase and then select the region as US or any other country you want under the Advanced Filters field. This will give you the set of keywords people in the US use to access information in your domain. After that, it is all about catering to their desires.

To start with, you need to get a hang of the above. If you track your Google Analytics account well over time, you will start to see some tangible results in the form of increased online income. But of course, as we always say, don’t expect results in a day. Everything takes time, but it does offer guaranteed results for your online money making ways.

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