Focused vs. General Online MBA degrees

This article is about Focused vs. General Online MBA degrees. If you are like most students that have just completed their graduation in the business world, one of the most obvious choices would be for you to go ahead and pursue a master degree in business administration. In fact, one of the best ways in which you can climb up the corporate ladder quite quickly is by pursuing an MBA degree.

Focused vs. General Online MBA degrees

When it comes to MBA degrees, you have the option of either sitting in a classroom in the university, or obtaining the MBA degree online. It is also important to note that in regards to an online MBA degree, one has a choice between a general degree and a focused degree.

A general MBA master degree provides students with all the knowledge and training they require pertaining to a variety of business aspects so that they would be able to incorporate such training into their jobs on the go. Such a general MBA degree usually includes business communication, accounting, business writing, financing, marketing, business spreadsheets as well as human resources.

On the other hand, a focused online MBA degree would allow a student the option of specializing in one particular stream of MBA. For instance, a student could decide on concentrating only on computer science or only on marketing. In other words, the student would gain an in depth analysis as well as knowledge of everything pertaining to marketing and computers.

A general MBA degree provides students the knowledge they need in order to be able to work with different individuals and companies across diverse business disciplines. If you are one such student who plans on pursuing a general master’s degree, remember that you would be provided training as well as expertise in different business functional areas including, but not limited to, marketing, finance, business communication as well as accounting. As a student you gain knowledge that is needed in different functional areas that would be able to enhance your educational as well as professional work prospects.

Possible Career Choices for a General (MBA) Master’s Degree

Some of the careers available to graduates with a General Master’s Degree include:

  • Office Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Government Employment
  • Business Owner
  • Marketing Manager
  • Financing
  • Manager

A student opting for the general MBA degree can expect a salary that is determined by the location of the company in which he or she is working.

With a focused MBA degree, students would have in depth knowledge and experience in one particular functional area of their MBA degree. For instance, a student can decide to opt for marketing, where he would be provided all the required skills that a marketing manager would need. However, he would not have adequate knowledge in terms of financing, supervision or even accounting.

The advantage of a focused MBA degree as compared to a general MBA degree is that the student would be able to pursue a career objective largely dependent on his skills in a particular area. The downside is that the student’s knowledge base would be limited to his field of expertise.

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