Ezine Publishing

What Is Ezine Publishing? Ezine publishing is when you send out a electronic publication or newsletter that you send to your subscribed website visitors via internet or email. It’s much like an electronic magazine or article that can be a good tool to drive repeat traffic to your online business site. And repeat exposure is an effective incredibility enhancer.

Ezine Publishing


How E-zines Works?

Simply put, you offer free ezine issues to your website visitors, they then sign up for your newsletter, you then send out publications weekly, monthly or whatever time frame you choose. You can create a completely automated process to send out your newsletter if you like, or manually do it yourself.

Use your newsletter to spread the word about anything you want, from featured products and services to reviews and internet business news. You are in total control as to what goes in your publication.

This type of publication is great for attracting long term readers, as they are already interested in what you have to offer. Lastly, you have to give your readers, quality content and no sales pitch, PLEASE. You want to impress them, and keep them wanting more in the next issues to come.

The Benefit

By offering a free ezine to your website visitors, you can touch bases with them regularly, thereby strengthening business relationships. Ezine publishing encourages repeat website traffic and hopefully those visitors will take action and make a purchase.

Pros & Cons of Online Publications

As with anything there will be some advantages and disadvantages or drawbacks. Below are some pros and cons to publishing a newsletter:

The Pros

  • A newsletter shows your expertise and builds credibility.
  • Easy start up with low investment, no equipment to purchase.
  • You have the ability to market your business to your targeted market.
  • You can easily get the word out to your website subscribers, globally.
  • Can make money from selling advertisement spaces within your newsletter.
  • Great opportunity to introduce new products or services and give website updates.

The Cons

  • The challenging task of writing original content for your newsletter.
  • Since this is a form of email marketing , your newsletter can be mistaken for spam.

Fortunately and clearly the pros outweigh the cons, which is a good thing. If you have an issue with writing content, then perhaps you should hire a professional free lance writer. It will save you a lot of time and stress.


Ezine publishing could be one of the greatest decisions you can make to promote your online business. If you can deliver quality content, newsletters can give your business exposure, repeat business, and hopefully some click-through affiliate sales.

There are many benefits to creating your own newsletter: low start up cost, you can reach customers globally and so much more. You can build your publications overtime with thousands of subscribers. It’s a very effective marketing tool and a lucrative money making vehicle.

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