Enhance Your List Building Efforts with These Simple Tips

In the article I’ll tell you about why it is important to Enhance Your List Building Efforts with These Simple Tips. List building can be a real chore, but it is an essential aspect of marketing that must be done.  If your list building efforts seem to be going slowly, here are a few tips that will make it easier and quicker.  You know you need a list if you really plan to succeed online.  Without one, you’re earning only a small fraction of what is possible.

Enhance Your List Building Efforts with These Simple Tips


Send as much traffic as possible to your opt-in box or squeeze page

With list building you want to get as many people as you possibly can to your sign-up page, so put it in front of as many as you can.  This can be done by linking to your squeeze page from your articles, in your forum signatures, through social networking, and on your blog.

One mistake many marketers make is placing their opt-in box on only one page of their website.  Put it on every page so that no matter what page someone should land on, they have an opportunity to sign up.

Offer something they just cannot resist

In order to have people sign up, you’re going to have to give away something incredible.  It doesn’t have to be 100-page e-book, but make it enticing.  Even a 7-page free report can do the trick if it offers a “secret” or valuable information your visitor feels they must have!

Your squeeze page should give the reader only one option

While an opt-in box will usually be on your website or blog pages along with other content and offers, your squeeze page should allow the reader to do only one thing: sign up.  If you link to your squeeze page from articles and other places, make sure that when the reader visits your squeeze page the only choice they have is to sign up or leave.

Once you have those subscribers, it is essential that you build a relationship with them and gain their trust.  Communicate with your list and keep them in the loop.  List building can be an incredible source of income when done right.

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