Emphasized Keywords Don’t Help Your Affiliate Marketing Site

The following article tells that Emphasized Keywords Don’t Help Your Affiliate Marketing Site. I’m not sure where the rationale began for using font emphasis styles like bolding or italicizing for keywords, but it just doesn’t logically pan out as an affiliate marketing technique. I understand that bold text or italicized text can add emphasis to whatever word or phrase is using it, but it just doesn’t make sense for the search engines.

Emphasized Keywords Don’t Help Your Affiliate Marketing Site

The search engines don’t care about what textual emphasis you place on words; they really don’t. All they care for in content is that the word is there – that is, if it’s a keyword and that’s it. It’s like saying that the search engines pay attention to whether you’re using the Arial font or Times New Roman. It’s such an infinitesimally small part of your content that it doesn’t really matter.

Emphasized Keywords Can Annoy Your Targeted Traffic

Of course, to your targeted traffic, the question becomes more complicated. In this case, it DOES matter whether you use Arial or Times New Roman. By and large, it’s been proven that Arial is superior to Times New Roman or most other fonts in web content.

Then the question becomes whether or not it matters if you use italics or bold type to emphasize keywords. Since it obviously doesn’t matter to the search engines, how does it look to the average user?

Let’s make an example here. In the following paragraph, I will use two keywords: one in italics and the other in bold. Since I’ve been in an especially samurai-like mood lately, I’ll use an old Samurai quote from Miyamoto Musashi. Look at it as a reader, and you decide if it has relevance to your Internet experience.

“It is essential to make sure that an obstacle is to the rear of your opponents, then chase them into an obstacle any way you can. When you get opponents to an obstacle, in order to prevent them from observing the situation, press your attack without letup so that your opponents cannot look around.”

Okay, the keywords here are obviously obstacle and opponents. Now, tell me, does it really matter to you as a user that obstacle is in bold print and opponents is in italics? For that matter, is it a distraction that these words are pointed out this way? Is it even annoying?

Chances are that formatting the quote this way will actually be a distraction, if not annoying. The fact that “obstacle” is in bold print and that “opponents” is in italics really doesn’t play into any relevance of what you’re looking for. It might be a different matter if these were technical points that could be illustrated by hyper text to a glossary, but these words aren’t obscure. Ultimately, it’s just an insult to a person’s grammatical intelligence.

Final Analysis – Font Style Should Be for the Reader

In the end, it doesn’t matter much to the search engines if you change the font style to bold or italics. However, it means a great deal to the user. Ultimately, bold and italics have to be used in the typical context of how they should be used or people will get confused. Don’t let that happen.

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