Easy Way To Get Traffic – Blogging

This article is about Easy Way To Get Traffic – Blogging. One of the easiest ways to get free traffic each and every day is by blogging daily. And in this blog post I’m going to tell you what you need to do. The first thing is get your own domain. Go to godaddy and buy your own domain for your blog. And try and put in your domain name the main keyword that your customers search for on Google and other search engines.

Easy Way To Get Traffic – Blogging

Just look at this blog. Its all about how to make money online. So my domain name has the keyword [make money online] in it. One day I will probably be ranked number 1 in Google for the keyword make money online simply because I have that keyword in my domain name. Now thats obviously only half the battle. You will need to provide excellent content on your blog so that people link to your pages which will create quality bank links to your blog. This will help your pages get higher rankings inside the search results.

You can also do your own SEO to get higher rankings but seriously if you just focus on creating great content the back links and rankings will come which will result in lots of traffic. But you must blog daily. This is one of the common things people get wrong. People know they need to blog but they get lazy and only blog like once a month. And somethings once every 6 month. Some just never blog at all. Look it takes just 15 min a day to write one post so you have no excuse.

Another thing that puts people off is that they do not know what to write about. Well you don’t always have to write about the subject of your blog. Your to give you an example. This blog is about making money online but I don’t always blog about making money online. No not at all. Sometimes I just blog about what I’ve done for the day. Sometimes I blog about how I’m doing at the gym working towards my fitness goals. And yes of course I also blog about my business but not always.

So please remember that. Blog about everything in your life. Go on holiday. Blog about it and put pictures up. See something interesting when your out about? Pull your phone out and video it of take a picture and stick it on your blog with a short article about the subject. Look its all traffic at the end of the day. Each post you make will bring in more traffic and leads. And leads no matter which page they come from can and will turn into leads.

Don’t like blogging? Pay someone who does to blog for you. Its that simple.

Thanks for reading.

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