Don’t Let the Benefits of List Building Pass You By

The title of the article – Don’t Let the Benefits of List Building Pass You By. List building is a key ingredient in successful, profitable online marketing.  Without list building, you’re experiencing only a small portion of the success you could enjoy.  Why should you build a list?  Many online marketers pass up this tactic, but if you’re one of the smarter ones you’ll definitely want to build a list of targeted subscribers.

Don’t Let the Benefits of List Building Pass You By


No list? You’re missing out on incredible profits

If you don’t have a list of targeted subscribers, most likely you aren’t making very much money online.  The fact is, most people do not buy a product on a first visit to your website or blog.  People need to be exposed to your product/service on average seven times.  The only way you can do this effectively is through e-mail marketing, which requires an opt-in list.

People on your list tend to trust you

When you build a list of targeted subscribers, those on your list tend to trust you.  Why?  They receive messages from you on a regular basis, and hopefully you’re building rapport with them.  Offering a few valuable freebies, and just letting the subscribers on your list get to know you goes a long way toward trust.

What happens when your list trusts you?  They will pay attention to the products you recommend, and they’re far more likely to buy from you than a complete stranger that lands on your website.

But list building is intimidating, right?

Not really.  Sign up with a reputable e-mail marketing provider, put a few messages in your autoresponder series, and start capturing names.  You can use article marketing, blogging, social networking, and dozens of other methods to send people to your opt-in page.

If you’re worried that your messages will sound lame, just pay attention to the messages you receive from those people whose lists you are on to see how they do it.

List building is a marketing tactic that should never be overlooked!  Without it, you’re leaving an incredible amount of money on the table.

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