Distance Learning Laws

This article is about Distance Learning Laws. A lot of people who are considering distance learning wonder what the laws on the subject are. This is especially true of high school students who want to learn at home. The truth is that the distance learning laws vary widely from one state to another so you are going to have to check the laws where you live. That being said there are some things that are common to pretty much all states.

Distance Learning Laws

When it comes to distance learning laws they are all over the place and are going to depend heavily on where you live. This is especially true if you are taking high school through distance learning. In this case it will likely be the home schooling laws of your state that apply, assuming there are any. About two thirds of states have laws regarding homeschooling.

The others have no laws to regulate it but it is allowed in all states. The far bigger problem than determining whether or not taking high school online is legal is making sure that the diploma they receive has any value. Just because you can teach your child at home doesn’t mean anybody else is going to recognize this education.

In the states that do have distance learning laws regarding high school education usually have a prescribed curriculum that your child must meet in order to graduate. Strictly speaking of course you don’t have to follow this curriculum but if you don’t your child won’t be able to claim that he is a high school graduate. In general if there is a state prescribed curriculum it is a good idea to follow it.

This will help to avoid problems with the education authorities and with college admissions offices. Depending on where you live your child may or may not be able to get an official high school diploma as the result of his distance learning studies. If he can get one it is a good idea to do so, if not you will have to award him a home school diploma.

A home school diploma can be a problem when your child goes to apply to university although it is becoming less and less of an issue. One option that many people take is to simply write the GED exam. In theory this is just as good as having a high school diploma but in reality it is often considered a second class option.

Another problem you are going to have with distance learning high school is that if you are not in an accredited program, and in many cases even if you are, it will be nearly impossible to transfer into a regular high school program. Virtually no high school is going to give you credit for any of the credits you earned which means you are going to have to start over again at the beginning. This is something that you really need to keep in mind if you are considering a distance learning high school program.

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