Distance Learning and Online Education

An Introduction To Distance Learning and Online Education. The popularity of distance learning has exploded in recent years and this is due primarily to the internet. An online education is much more interactive than the old fashioned distance learning courses used to be and this has made them a lot more appealing to most students. Nowadays other than location there is little difference between an online course and a traditional one.

Distance Learning

In a lot of ways distance learning and online education are not that different from traditional college programs. The material studied is the same the difference in the way you learn. Even this is starting to change though, as new technology has made the whole process much more interactive it is becoming more and more similar to learning in a class room.

That being said there are some important differences that will always remain, the biggest being the schedule. The great advantage of distance learning is that by and large you can take your classes at a time that is convenient for you rather than working around the schools schedule. This is obviously a huge benefit for students who have jobs.

The overwhelming majority of distance learning students are working adults who have decided that they need to upgrade their education. Usually this is for career advancement but there are plenty of people who take online classes just for personal interest. In most cases distance learning students have families so they can’t really afford to take time off of work to go back to school, so they take advantage of the opportunities offered by online education.

One thing that has to be kept in mind by anybody considering distance learning is that it requires a lot more discipline than a traditional college program. For the most part students are responsible for setting their own schedule and finding the time to do the work. Unfortunately many people wind up not doing the work at all, it turns out most of us actually need somebody standing over our shoulder telling us to get to work. Since there is nobody to do that when you take a distance learning course it is important that you be able to motivate yourself to do the work.

There used to be a time when distance learning was all done with books, usually you would be sent a study guide and a text book and left on your own to learn the material. The internet has changed this dramatically.

Nowadays when you enrol in a distance learning program you can watch online lectures, video conference with your professor and chat with the other students. This has gone a long way towards making distance learning more like the school we are used to. It has also helped to make it much more popular. Distance learning is now a very much accepted and mainstream way of getting an education.

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