Disadvantages of Internet Education

In this article I’ll tell you about Disadvantages of Internet Education. In the past few years, there is an increase in Internet education in many countries across the world. Undoubtedly, online learning has grown in popularity. Online education might prove advantageous to many. However, there are certain disadvantages associated with it, which students need to know well before they actually enroll for any course on the Internet.

Disadvantages of Internet Education

There is a popular saying that every advantage comes with certain disadvantages and it is applicable with Internet education too. Hence, students along with their parents as well as tutors need to know those disadvantages and then decide over their course of action. The disadvantages are as below for your understanding.


    1. Many people might just lack the technical skills, which are necessary for pursuing any online degree. This is indeed a major drawback as with online learning. People, who are not familiar with the Internet and technological advances, are bound to find Internet education somewhat difficult to handle. A number of administration people including lecturers have the trouble in operating online programs for teaching or monitoring the students. In fact, many tutors acquire degree using traditional means.
    2. For gaining access to online education, students require a computer along with good Internet connectivity. Individuals staying in remote areas still fall short of this equipment. For them, buying a computer is a costly affair. Moreover, in a popular location where online learning assists students from diverse regions to meet and learn together, on the other hand, candidates from remote areas might face technical problems.
    3. Yet another disadvantage regarding Internet education is lack of communication. Although students get to interact along with the tutors in any online learning program, however, they might not be able to hear the questions as well as discussions, which other students raise and undertake while a lecture is going on.
    4. An online learning program may not always be affordable. Certain degrees are costly because of study materials and multimedia accessories that they require.
    5. There is a limited scope for oral communication in online education. Usually, the communication takes place through text chats and emails. This deprives students of their ability to enhance their skills pertaining to oral communication.
    6. Many industries may not acknowledge a degree that is earned online, which could reduce your scope for employment.
    7. Another disadvantage of Internet education is that numerous online programs do not have the accreditation and as such, are invalid.
    8. In online learning, there might not be the availability of courses according to your needs and expectations.

Internet education calls for having patience and a dedicated approach on the part of learners for being sure of positive results. It is recommended that before taking the plunge into online learning, students first become familiar about the Internet learning technology. They need to stay updated with the technological changes from time to time once they enroll for any online course, the reason being that there is no instructor for assistance in this regard and you are on your own.

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