Different ways to promote affiliate programs

The article gives an analysis of Different ways to promote affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing is one of the most complex methods to make money online, there are several avenues and marketing methods to reach a considerable level of success with affiliate marketing and each of them have different pros and cons which makes certain methods better than the others depending on the budget and time available to the affiliate marketer.

Different ways to promote affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing does not necessarily follow a fair ratio when it comes to ROI, some methods which are more expensive or time consuming does not specifically mean that the return would be higher while usually, it is true.

  1. Using a website
    This is the most tedious method but the end result is equally rewarding which is long term passive income. This is usually done by building a content website on the product or service you are promoting and drive site visitors to make a purchase via banners and other ads on the website and also pushing it via an email list on the website.
  2. PPC (Pay per click)
    This is probably the most common method used, it requires a reasonable budget and it also involves a considerable amount of risk since some campaigns may not pay off. Here a marketer creates an ad to promote a product or service and purchases ads via search engines bidding on keywords related to the product or service being promoted, the ad points directly to a sales page or pre sell page which is pretty much a review or testimonial on the product or service.
  3. Article Marketing
    This method is great for marketers on a limited budget as for the most part; it does not require any investment at all except for maybe a domain name to start off. Here several articles focusing on different keywords related to the product or service promoted are written and posted on article directories. Organic search traffic is then used to drive traffic to a pre sell page or sales page through the articles.

The above three methods are the 3 main methods used in promoting affiliate campaigns, other methods that are used usually in combination with one or more of the above methods are forum marketing, banner advertising, blog commenting, social media marketing and press releases.

While each method has strengths and weaknesses, eventually a combination of all methods to collectively have the widest reach for a niche market is what provides the best ROI.

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