Different Types of Listbuilding Spam

This article is about Different Types of Listbuilding Spam – Good, Bad, or Neither. There should probably be some clarification in all Internet Marketing circles as to what the deal is with listbuilding spam. Many people shudder when they just hear the word, and others seem to literally eat it up. Hopefully, we can clear up the air some here.

Different Types of Listbuilding Spam

The word spam, itself, in terms of electronic interfacing, refers to bulk or excessive stuff. In video gaming, the word spam is used to refer to performing repetitive actions, i.e. “I spammed my heavy attacks on the boss until it was dead.” While this has virtually little to do with Internet Marketing, perhaps it will serve to illustrate that in the world of interactive electronics in general, spam is not just a four-letter word.

Is Spam Electronic Messaging Junk Mail?

Typically, most people see spam as being essentially the electronic messaging equivalent of junk mail. It’s unsolicited, it’s unwanted, and nowadays can sometimes be malicious and dangerous. Most people are familiar with the e-mail version, but there are many other types of media that you can get spammed (or do the spamming) in.

These include mobile phones where you have text message advertisements; forum spam where advertisements are posted on an Internet forum; spamdexing where you manipulate a search engine to make your webpage look more popular; blog spamming where advice and links to other websites are placed in comments; newsgroup spams; and IM spamming.

Looking at this list, and ask yourself how many of these things do you actually do? As it turns out, many of us in Internet Marketing spam without quite realizing it. The real trick to this situation is not so much what is ethical spam, but what is effective spam?

Ineffective Spam Lands in the Bulk Mail Boxes

Ineffective spam is, obviously, the stuff that makes it to people’s bulk mail boxes and the websites that cram as many keywords into them as they possibly can, raising a red flag with the search engines. Also, those blog accounts that are configured badly enough that the blog community administrators kick them off for pretty much the same reason that search engines block out some web sites. The point is that no one responds to it.

Effective Spam is Your Mailing List – What People Want

Effective spam is well crafted, and it’s what people on your mailing list are expecting. Far more likely than the ineffective type, there is usually a human behind it instead of some robot that can hardly generate a coherent sentence. It’s also the helpful or insightful person on a forum or blog who just so happens to have a website in his or her signature line or suggests a website for a solution.

In a nutshell, some spam is junk mail.  It’s not wanted and is very imposing.  This is what you should avoid doing.  The spam you want to put out is just the kind people ask for.  My final word of advice is don’t buy mailing lists!

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