Different types of affiliate programs

The article gives some information on Different types of affiliate programs. There are several different types of affiliate programs available employed by different services depending on buzz, profitability and conversions. The affiliate programs cater to different types of marketing methods; some of them are PPC, article marketing and developing a website and pushing services via an email list.

Different types of affiliate programs

Perhaps the most commonly used affiliate programs would be to promote products where a commission is earned by marketers for every sale made. Here it depends on the type of purchase; usually it consists of two types, which is a one type payment or a periodical subscription. Marketing a subscription is always a better way to go as commissions would be received as long as the lead remains a subscriber which converts to long term passive income.

One time purchases though, have a higher conversion rate usually because of the obvious fact that it is a one time payment and not a recurring one. These types of programs are promoted via popular marketplaces like Clickbank, where thousands of digital products are available for promotion via a subscription or one time payment. Another popular marketplace would be Commission Junction. Affiliate programs of this nature usually cater to all types of marketing methods stated above.

Another popular kind of Internet marketing services type would be CPA or cost per action programs. These programs are a lot easier to promote because it doesn’t necessarily require a purchase to make commission. CPA marketing is usually about capturing leads for impressive commissions.

Due to the high demand of marketers as it is a lot easier to promote, getting approved for CPA programs are a lot harder and consists of a tedious verification process including a phone call with an affiliate manager. CPA programs are promoted via PPC and social media marketing as leads required are usually demographic. Bum marketing is rarely used for CPA program promotion.

The above two programs can both be promoted to a level to replace your day job, and then some, if done correctly. Apart from the above 2 main types of affiliate programs, certain online services employ custom affiliate programs that pay users on multiple levels, for example you’d receive commissions from your referrals and your referrals’ referrals.

These services pay users with real money or a virtual currency which can be used to enhance your user account with that service. Needless to say that investing some time in good SEO & affiliate marketing is worthwhile, so don’t waste time and start making profits today!

It is important to identify which type of programs work for your marketing style and stick with them so as to maximize ROI and stay clear of any major investment catastrophes.

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