Copywriting: Great Web Copy for Great Business

The article gives an analysis of Copywriting: Great Web Copy for Great Business. For most business owners, copywriting is often the last thing to think about in the web design process, almost like an afterthought. However, this is the biggest mistake and can often be the reason between a successful and not so successful website. While there are no fixed ways for copywriting, there are a few guidelines that can help in creating powerful content for your website.

Copywriting: Great Web Copy for Great Business


Tips for Effective Copywriting

Many believe that copywriting is an art and you need to be a “natural” to be able to do it or master it. While this is a valid point, copywriting is not only about flair and originality. It is equally based on structure, proper approach and methodology. So even if you are not a natural copywriter, the following tips can help you create quality content:


This is the first and certainly the most vital step in copywriting. Any copywriter must spend maximum time in researching the product or service, competitor analysis, the target audience and their needs. As a copywriter, the most important thing is to talk to your audience or customers to understand their needs, problems, their thought process, their way of comparing you with your competitors and the language that they use. Without this, you can never write copy that is comprehensive and that can connect with the people.

Structure your Content

Content structuring refers to arranging the content in a logical flow so as to make it easier and more effective. While this may differ a little according to the theme of the website, what remains constant is the value proposition that it offers. The copy structure for different pages must be different.

As far as possible your home page content must be divided into three major parts:

Headline: The headline or title is the most critical element and must be so powerful that it grabs instant attention and force the user to read further. It must be clearly related to the product or service and also explain the benefit to the user.

Sub Headline: It is recommended that the main headline must be supported by a sub headline of 2/3 sentences. This must further explain the product and the major USP of the product or service.

Features: You must present a snapshot or list of the key features of the product.

Remember, your home page must give an overview of your product. The structure above will help you keep your home page free of clutter.

Complete Information

While the home page must have only limited content, the inner pages or specific product pages must have complete information. These days, most business owners, web designers and web design companies make the mistake of sacrificing key product information to more visual elements like images, banners or videos. According to various studies conducted, it is estimated that about 79% people do not read the entire content.

However, the remaining 16% people actually read the entire content and more often than not, these 16% are your target customers. This means that your target audience is looking for maximum information before making a purchase. In fact, according to IDC about 50% of the people drop out because of lack of information.

Call to Action

Without a clear call to action, your visitors may end up losing their way and getting completely disillusioned. A clear call to action is essential to direct the user through a proper funnel and help him reach the end goal. While you may be tempted to use or create your own calls to action, it is better that you use standard terms like ‘buy now’, ‘sign up now’, ‘call us’ or ‘enquire’. Customers are used to these terms and are known to react better to them than others.


Once you are done with the entire copy, close the document for the day and come back the next day to review it. You will automatically find any shortcomings, errors or points to improve with this fresh “bird’s eye view”. Once you do the fixes, you are set to roll.

These tips will definitely help in making your copy razor sharp and effective in converting website visitors into customers. So, while you may not be a ‘natural’ when it comes to copywriting, you sure can still make the most effective and conversion-friendly copy for your website.

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