Considerations for Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

This article is about Considerations for Clickbank Affiliate Marketing. Clickbank is one of those services in affiliate marketing that you either love or hate.  You love it if you know how to use it, and you hate it when you don’t.  For many, it’s an impenetrable sphinx—an enigma—but there are some simple rules that if followed, can make it an extremely profitable venture.

Considerations for Clickbank Affiliate Marketing


Clickbank’s Lack of a Search Feature

One thing that many affiliates don’t like about Clickbank is that it doesn’t have a search feature.  While it does make it more difficult to find a product that you may like, think of it this way.  If it had a search feature, your affiliate marketing campaign would more easily be brought to nothing.

Let me explain.  Let’s say that you’re promoting a product from Clickbank.  A fellow affiliate marketer sees your link and likes the product.  All they would have to do is go to CB, use the hypothetical search feature, and start affiliating with your product—in short, become competition.  Granted, there is third-party software out there that basically serves this function, but the lack of a Clickbank search engine proper filters out a large number of would-be competitors.

It’s Too Easy to Steal Affiliate Links

Other marketers stealing your affiliate links is another common complaint.  Whether it’s other affiliate marketers or the vendors themselves, you have to protect your links.  There are a few ways you can do this.

Masking your link is a common way to protect your affiliate links.  The javascript will usually look something like this:  <a href=””  onmouseover=” window.status=’’; return true” onmouseout=”window.status=”; return true”>Website</a>.  This hides the fact that your link is an affiliate link, and consequently will prevent other users from stealing your commission.  There are also certain vendors that don’t use hop links, and the link just goes directly to their site.  These are a proverbial godsend in the way of protecting your commission.  All you have to do is get the word out about the product instead of coding in protective measures.

Clickbank has Dishonest Vendors

Anywhere you go in affiliate marketing, dishonest vendors are always a risk for you.  Before you decide to affiliate with any vendor, whether on Clickbank or elsewhere, you should do some investigation.  Otherwise, you can find yourself out in the cold pretty quickly.

  • Make sure that your link goes to a sales page.  Some vendors will use affiliates merely to drive traffic to a non-sales page.  They’ll tempt you with a high commission percentage but won’t have to deliver.  After all, if no sales take place, you don’t have to get paid, right?
  • Protect your affiliate links.  I’ve already mentioned that this has to happen, but remember, you have to be able to protect yourself from your vendors too.  Some vendors think it’s a great idea to steal the commissions of their affiliates by affiliating with their own product and stealing their links.

By understanding these measures, you can go a long way toward making a profitable career on Clickbank.

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