Choosing The Best Models To Start

Online Business Category: Choosing The Best Models To Start. Okay, I assume all of you already guessed what kind of online business you prefer. In this post I wanna explain more specific about various models that we can start doing on the internet. As you know, there are unlimited way for getting great income on the internet.

Choosing The Best Models To Start

Because of that, many people become confuse about what kind of business they should pick, “Which opportunity should I choose first?” One day maybe they read about someone got a $10,000 Adsense check, they try Adsense. Then other day other one managed to get $15,000 affiliate commission, they also try affiliate business and so on. In the end they will give up after trying not for a long time.

So, how is the easy way to find one? As I mentioned in my previous article about Choosing the Online Business, one important thing to consider is choose the one that most relevant with our interest, passion, hobby and experience. Everyone is unique so if someone succeed in one models, for example affiliate business, then not necessarily for the others. Everyone must seek the best online business models for himself.

For helping you choose the right business models for you, I will try to explain the most popular business models. Some I already tried and some I don’t tried yet. To make long story short, here is most popular online business category:

  1. Sell Your Own Product that you create yourself or by someone else, can be goods or services. This is the first known model and the most popular until now. For an example, you have open a store that sells toys. You can broaden your market by also selling it online beside your offline business or other example you know someone that produce clothing and you have partnership by selling their product online via your website. Online Store also included in this category. The product also can be intangible, such as membership, software, e-book etc. Personally this is my main source of income from online business recently. Hopefully later I will have more time (…and luck) to be more focused and get a reasonable income from Affiliate marketing.
  2. Sell Your Own Services, is the business that increased rapidly recently. Usually we sell our skill/ ability, for example SEO Services, website development, banner & logo design, article writing, and many more. By doing this business we don’t have to contact directly with our customer.
  3. Affiliate Marketing is selling or referring others product or services with commission for every Pay Per Sale (PPS), Pay Per Lead (PPL), or every click we got (Pay Per Click/PPC). MLM or Network marketing can be included in this category. This can be a good choice if we dont have or dont want sell your own product.
  4. Contextual Advertising in this category, you create website with interesting content that attract many visitor. The income generated by text ads, banner ads, or videos relevant with the website content. For example you create website about football scores, so the advertising must be related to football such as merchandise, ticket, playing equipment etc.
  5. Site Flipping is the category about buy and sell website. Here the website is an asset just like property. This business usually buy low price website and then increase the value and resell it on a much higher price.

So, those are the most popular online business category. Let us discuss further about choosing the best category according to your personality and interest. Enjoy Reading!

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