Choosing a Domain Name for Your Online Business

The following article tells you about Choosing a Domain Name for Your Online Business. Choosing a domain name is a very important task for your business site. It’s how everyone will find you on the internet, it’s your identity. It’s your online business name. So I don’t have to tell you how crucial it is to choose the perfect name for your business. Take your time making this decision. Don’t rush and just choose any old name. The name you choose is what you will have to live with for what we hope is a life time.

Choosing a Domain Name for Your Online Business


Brainstorming Your Choices

Get out a pen and paper and brainstorm your best ideas for a name. Think of any idea you have thought about for your internet business. It doesn’t matter how silly they are, write them down. Think about the products or services that you will offer and write that down too. Write down some ideas as to who your audience will be.

For example, if your product was clothing for teens (your audience). You could pick a web domain name like So write down everything that is relevant to your website’s theme or topic.

Tips on Choosing Internet Names for Business

Here are a few useful tips when choosing a domain name for your business website:

    • Choose a name once you are sure what your site concept will be.
    • Think of the purpose of your site or main idea to come up with domain ideas.
    • Your domain should include your main theme’s keyword related to your product or service.
    • If your theme keyword (s) is taken, try using letters at the beginning or a number.
    • Your name should be able to tell what your business is about.
– For example, if you have a website about training animals, let’s say dog. You would choose something like,
  • Choose a name that is easy to remember, the shorter the better.
  • Brainstorm multiple name ideas, to have backups if your top name is taken.
  • Use variations to get alternate ideas, change the words around a bit.
  • Try to stick with a .com name; .com is more common and memorable domain name extension.

Be sure to pick a name that allows your business to grow. For example, if you did choose, you couldn’t update your website to include clothing for adults or babies. Try to choose something a little more general.

Fine Tune Your Business Name

Now that you have come up with some great ideas while choosing a domain name; I recommend using to brainstorm your ideas even more. You can check domain name availability on In addition, if you type in two keywords that you would like to use for your name and it will generate possible combinations. This site will let you know if the domain you have chosen is available or not. Also, if it’s available in .com, org, net, etc.

Once you have found names that are available and that you really like; pick a top three to finalize your decision.


Your web domain name is like your trademark and identifies what your business is about. Brainstorm a list of ideas, and make sure your name includes your site’s theme keyword. Remember the shorter the better, when picking your name. Be very selective when choosing a domain name. Again, you are not just building a website, you are building a business.

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