Careers In Chemistry

In the article we will be discussing Careers In Chemistry. Chemistry provides a spectrum of job opportunities which is practically endless. However, this depends upon your qualification and degree of degree in this field. For instance, a two year course in chemistry won’t get you very far. On the other hand, a 4 – year bachelors’ degree would provide you with atleast a bench job which will help you to get your hands on the equipments and a chance to mix some Chemicals.

Careers In Chemistry


The career descriptions of the various vistas in the fields related to chemistry are:

– Agricultural Chemistry: It is concerned with the Chemical composition and changes in production and usage of the crops and farm animals. It enhances your understanding about the effect of Chemicals in the food streams and enables farmers and agricultural industry to use Chemicals in a safe and effective way while trying to swell their production.

The projects include development of compounds that control certain weeds and pests or improving the composition of compounds. They may also cover the impacts of these Chemicals in the final product and effect on humans after the consumption of the product obtained using that compound.

The jobs in this area are generally government oriented. The working area can be a lab or an environment simulated to suit the chemists.

– Biochemistry: it is an extensive discipline which deals with the study of practically anything which is concerned with Chemical substances in living systems. It can be their composition, structure or reaction with other substances. It includes the sciences of molecular biology, immunochemistry, biophysical chemistry etc.

The projects involve the study of the various processes of living organisms and the rationale why Chemical reactions occur. This work provides significant contribution to other fields.

Modern research centers and universities provide well remunerated jobs.

– Consumer Product Chemistry: This holds the largest pool of career opportunities. A high percentage of things around us are chemistry products. From toothpaste to bathroom fixtures, we find the involvement of chemistry is some way or the other. The contributions of chemists and Chemical engineers in the development of these products are appreciable.

– Medical Chemistry: It is the application to the synthesis of pharmaceuticals. It deals with the development of new drugs to fight diseases and producing new compositions to cure the ailment. It provides a variety of lab opportunities. The jobs can be government oriented or private oriented.

– Organic Chemistry: It deals with any compound containing carbon. It is a highly inventive science. It involves creation and study, structuring, design and synthesis of compounds involving carbon. It comprehends their Chemical and physical properties.

Other perspectives of Chemical degrees can be surface chemistry, forensic chemistry, textile chemistry, water chemistry et cetera.

In a nut shell, depending upon the specialization, the jobs can range from a bench job to hands-on in a modern, clean, and safe and hazard free and up-to date research laboratory. The jobs are generally well salaried and the scope is virtually unlimited. Chemistry can be termed as a safe career option as innovations and exploration are never ending when it comes to the same.

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