Can Online Degrees really help my career?

The article concerns the following question – Can Online Degrees really help my career? There was a time when receiving a degree at home was considered “hokie”. In fact, many people felt that online degrees were phony and quite possibly for those individuals who could not cope in a real university environment.

Can Online Degrees really help my career

And it is true that many of those online education ads are false, that in fact there are no courses, just a payment in return for a piece of paper. But there are very real and legitimate colleges and universities whose programs online are just as rigorous as their on-site courses. As a result, the most important question that potential students ask – Can online degrees really help my career?

Briefly, the answer is yes they can help your career, and no they are a detriment to your advancement. And you might ask how both can be the right answers. Basically, it depends on the place from where you obtained the degree, as well as how you obtained it. If you just bought a piece of paper, that is illegal and just plain unethical.

So yes, it would be a hindrance to your career because you would be seen as a cheat and a crook. Who wants a liar working for their company and representing their products? There would always be an air of mistrust, as everyone wonders what your next action will be.

But if you earned a verified degree from a college or university who is already in physical existence with on-campus courses, then chances are people may not even talk about the fact that you received your degree online.

Saying that your degree came from a particular school is enough. There is no need to qualify the statement by adding that you studied online. In fact, you may even look more appealing than your co-workers since you have taken the initiative to improve yourself. You have also shown that you are dedicated and can apply yourself in a productive manner.

Further, when choosing an online course, it is important to look for institutes that are accredited and whose names mean something in the field in which you study. As more universities offer online education, less people see online degrees as inferior to traditional on-campus programs.

While different types of educators offer degrees and diplomas online, you want to be able to at least choose accredited courses, so that when employers check your credentials, they are seen favorably. Unaccredited and unlicensed organizations are going to lead to suspicion.

Receiving your degree online will also show that you can focus on more than one thing. You have the ability to work, and at the same time complete a degree. This is important because employers want to know that you are multi-faceted.

Additionally, if you are starting your own small business, having a relevant degree will help you with the day-to-day management of the company. Small business owners, regardless of product or service, must in the early days wear all hats of the enterprise. A well rounded degree can aid in the functions for which you are not particularly qualified.

So as long as you spend the time to choose the right higher educational institute, then more often than not your online degree will benefit you and ultimately help your career.

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