Can I take an Online Course while Living Abroad?

The article concerns the question – Can I take an Online Course while Living Abroad? Online education has become very popular these past few years. The main reason for this is the flexibility – particularly that pertaining to distance. You might wonder, though, if this flexibility extends across international borders. There is no simple answer to this question, as it varies by circumstance.

Can I take an Online Course while Living Abroad

¬†First of all, on principle, an online course should be doable from anywhere in the world, with an internet connection, and this is largely the case. Most online education institutions welcome students from anywhere in the world, that are technologically able to “attend” the classes. The few that don’t are usually those that require some physical presence, however infrequent, for satisfactory course completion.

Many institutions may stipulate that students must visit the actual campus, or exam centre, for examinations, hands on training etc. In such a scenario, doing the course from abroad may not be feasible, if the motive for not doing it in person was inability to meet transport requirements. In the event that, such transport is not a problem, however, doing the online course from overseas, in such a scenario, should not be a problem.

Another factor that might influence the feasibility of such a venture is where the degree, or certification, is to be used. Often, the certification provided by such institutions is only valid, or accredited, in their jurisdiction. This means that to use the certification, you would, likely, need to move to that territory, or undertake the difficult process of having your online qualifications recognized in the country where you reside.

All the same, a great many online courses are internationally accredited, and are therefore satisfactory for foreign students, or students living abroad. It is a good idea to check this before registering for an online programme of study, overseas.

One other, relatively minor, concern pertains to teacher support. Often, as a supplement to email, online education institutions offer help for students by telephone. This is quite convenient for students in the same country as the institution but students abroad may find the long distance charges prohibitively expensive – curtailing support from the school.

Despite these potential roadblocks, the vast majority on online courses are doable, and usable, from abroad and can be a great option for students living in countries with substandard tertiary education. These opportunities can help individuals, in such places, to attain higher education, without the, often impossible, expense of travelling to the country of the online institution they wish to attend. This proves to be a great opportunity, well worth looking into, for interested international students.

Keep in mind – studying abroad is not the same as let’s say having a wedding abroad – you might be in it for the long run, and you want the consequences to be positive!

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