Can I become a real lawyer on the internet?

The article concerns the following question – Can I become a real lawyer on the internet? A lot of people have the ambition to become lawyers. In spite of the joking stereotypes surrounding the profession and the bad rap so many lawyers receive just by virtue of their jobs, this is actually an incredibly noble, not to mention incredibly needed, occupation. Many of the people who are interested in getting their law degree also wonder, “Can I become a real lawyer on the internet?” We are going to discuss the many answers to that question throughout the course of this article.

Can I become a real lawyer on the internet

Now, first thing is first: it actually is possible to become a lawyer – yes, a real one – on the internet, but it takes a lot of work and it can be extremely difficult. For that matter, in some states and in some parts of the world, it may not be allowed, so the first thing you need to do is see if it is allowed where you live.

Now, that being said, you also need to realize that a distressingly large number of the institutions on like that claim you can get a law degree through them are not properly accredited, so it is ultimately a waste of money to try to get your degree from those places. It is not just vital but non negotiable: you have to go to an institution, whether it is online or not, that has the sanction of the ABA, or the American Bar Association.

Now, it also has to be said that in only one state are potential lawyers allowed to take their bar exams if they taken online classes. California is that state. Even still, certain steps must be strictly followed. However, there are ways that you can do this through California and still practice law in another state.

It is necessary to get your bachelor’s degree before going to law school. Bachelor’s of Arts, Bachelor’s of Science, it does not matter – honestly, neither does the major, but it should be able to help you in some way. Now, as long as the university you choose is an accredited one, you can get your bachelor’s degree on the internet, and then go on to a law school in your area, as long as they accept the degree from the institution.

Otherwise, you must go through the steps to take and pass the bar exam and other necessary exams once being accepted to an online law school program that is itself sanctioned by the California Bar Committee. It is entirely possible to practice law in California with a law degree received on the internet. And after you have worked at least five years in a row in California, have had a successful career, and can prove you have been successful, then you are generally able to practice in any state you like.

So, to summarize, if you already live or are willing to relocate to California, you are already all set and able to become a real lawyer on the internet. If this is not possible, then you can at least get your Bachelor’s degree on the internet, and then begin applying to law schools in your area.

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