Can I become a Medical Doctor on the internet?

The article concerns the question – Can I become a Medical Doctor on the internet? Increasingly, people are looking to the internet to get their degrees. It is efficient, it is generally less expensive, and it is certainly convenient to be able to get your degree right from the comfort of your own home.

Can I become a Medical Doctor on the internet

One common question is, “Can I become a Medical Doctor on the internet?” Unfortunately, the easy answer to this question is “no,” but that is the simplest form, and in truth this question is much more complicated than that. It is true than you cannot get your MD (Medical Doctor or Doctor of Medicine) or DO (Doctor of Osteopathy) on the internet, you can get the prerequisites and the Bachelor’s degree you need to go on to medical school.

Although many people who want to be doctors get their BS, or Bachelor of Science, degree in biology or one of the other sciences, it is not really necessary. As long as you have the right pre med prerequisites, you can actually major in any subject you want to, even if you choose to get a BA, or Bachelor of Arts, degree instead. For instance, you can major in English or Anthropology, and as long as you take the appropriate classes: general biology; generally “electives” in courses like genetics, evolution, and things of that nature; general chemistry; organic and inorganic chemistry; sometimes anatomy and physiology; algebra or calculus based physics; and plenty of math classes, generally up to either trigonometry or calculus.

In some cases, depending on the classes you took in high school and how well you did with them, you may be able to test out of some of these courses. The same goes for foreign languages. However, even though it is considered a “dead language” by many, taking enough Latin courses to become knowledgeable in the language is a good idea if you want to be a doctor. Trust that the knowledge will help you a lot in the long run.

In many cases, you can get all or most of these courses from an online university institution, getting you on the way to becoming a doctor. You do want to make sure the institution you choose is fully accredited, however. Even more importantly, you want to make sure that the medical schools in which you think you might be interested will accept a Bachelor’s degree from an online university.

You will also have to prepare for your MCAT exam, which can be extremely difficult. You absolutely have to take a lot of practice tests for this exam, and a good score is vital if you want to get into medical school. You might also decide to become a DO instead; doctors of osteopathy are still doctors, but the program is a bit less intensive. In fact, having a DO is considered a benefit for practicing certain types of medicine. There are Osteopathic Schools scattered throughout the United States, including schools in New England, Erie, Pennsylvania, and believe it or not there is an excellent institution located in Lewisburg, West Virginia.

Whichever medical degree you choose to go after, just make sure you are choosing a reputable online university and make sure that the school offers all of the prerequisites you will need for medical school. Failing that, you could always get your Bachelor’s degree online and then take your medical school prerequisite courses at a local community college, where the cost will be lower.

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