Can Blogs Ever Influence or Inspire Minds?

The article concerns the question – Can Blogs Ever Influence or Inspire Minds? There are a great variety of different blogs blogging formats on the web today. While they may not all be mind-blowing in terms of content or style, there are definitely some that provide inspiration and information to those who read them.

Can Blogs Ever Influence or Inspire Minds?


The Influence of Great Blogging

There have many blogs which have seen a great deal of success both online and in print form. One such example is The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl, written by a London based escort who wanted to share her life with the world; and Blood, Sweat and Tea, which was taken from the posts of a London Ambulance blog. These are two examples of blogs that have been both thought provoking and inspirational.

Blogging can also influence people to greater aspirations, such as with the recent SOPA fiasco, where people were linking and re-linking various sites via their own blogs. This influenced more and more people throughout the blogosphere to stand against what many perceived to be an unjust law.

To a greater extent, social media and blogging helped with the recent political revolutions, to spread messages of support or rebellion it around the world. The blogging of politics and blogging of life experiences are both aspects of the internet which can easily influence you, whether for or against various issues, it is almost guaranteed your mind will be affected by it in one way or another.

Inspiration from the Blogosphere

Inspiration can be found all around us, especially online or in books. Whether you’re reading a blogging website of cooking, politics, art, music or even just everyday life; it is almost guaranteed that you will find some inspiration. There are websites such as Tumblr, which seem to be almost designed to propagate inspiration throughout the internet. As people can upload their creations onto their own blog, from all corners of the world, this means that inspiration can be derived from anywhere in the world without having to leave your home.

Inspiration, however, comes in many forms; bad and good. There are the bad aspects of inspiration, such as thinspiration, or thinspo as it is called, which encourages people into eating disorders, and there are certain fundamentalist blogs which can inspire people into hatred, especially in regards to religion or politics.

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