Business Website Ideas

Hi there! If you’re reading this article, then that must be because you want to learn of Business Website Ideas. Today a website has assumed so much significance that it is no longer just an advertising or promotional tool. It has emerged as a major source of revenue and an independent business entity. However, with the Internet space becoming extremely crowded, coming up with the most creative business website ideas is a must. This is important to make you stand out from the rest, give a natural edge and more importantly make the initiative profitable.

Business Website Ideas


Top 6 Business Website Ideas

While there are several business website ideas that you can adopt, given below are some of the most creative website ideas that you can definitely consider:

Pet Store

You may not be a pet-friendly person, but starting an online pet store is definitely one of the hottest business website ideas to consider. Make sure that you have a pet store that is comprehensive and caters to a range of products and services. From pet food to pet training, grooming and even veterinary care and assistance, your website should aim to cover all these.

Camping & Outdoor Merchandise

While most people venture into the great outdoors almost every weekend, you will be surprised with the lack of quality online store available that cater to camping and outdoor equipments. Having a camping and outdoor equipment store is also one of the most promising business website ideas. Your store must provide gear on purchase as well as rental basis, which gives more flexibility and convenience to the users.


If you have a flair for the languages and boast of truly superior writing skills, this business website idea can be a great choice. While the Internet freely provides writing tips, you can provide paid newsletters or downloads for those who want to seriously pursue a career in writing, either for the web, print or any other purpose.

Electronic Press Kits

A press kit has for long been one of the premier building blocks for artists, models, actors, musicians and bands. With the internet taking over, it has become absolutely essential to have an electronic or digital press kit. Thus, having a website or an online platform where users can build their own electronic press kits (EPKs) without any technical support can be one of the most innovative and profitable business website ideas. For this, you need to provide a sophisticated application that allows users to design and develop comprehensive EPKs comprising of photos, videos and sound tracks.

Office Management Website

Managing your work place efficiently is one of the most challenging tasks and constantly requires you to find new ways and administrative methods. You can start a website that provides professional and creative office management and administration tips and methodologies that can be useful for small, medium and large enterprises. Make sure that the steps are targeted to generate maximum productivity, optimum utilization of resources and efficient administration.

Gift an Experience

While gift websites are very common, having a gift-an-experience website is definitely one of the most creative business website ideas. For e.g. your website can offer services wherein users can gift their loved ones special experiences like a helicopter ride, candle light dinner at an exotic location, an adventure sport like sky diving or deep sea diving and such other lifetime experiences.

While the list of creative business website ideas can extend even further, these top 6 ideas are the most sought after. With the right strategy and execution, each of these ideas can turn out to be a winning one.

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