Building Backlinks Using Forums

The following article is about Building Backlinks Using Forums. Using forums and posting regularly on forums which relate to your niche are a great way to drive traffic to your website. Forum posting is a very fast and powerful way to build your list of subscribers, and it only takes about 30 minutes a day. You fan find forums related to your niche by doing a search for your top keyword, plus the word forum after it.

Building Backlinks Using Forums

You should run across a few of the top forums in a matter of seconds. Once you’ve found the forum you want to begin building backlinks to your site at, you should join and set up your signature. Make sure links are allowed and set up your signature to display a catchy link which will direct back to your site.

A great way to get people to visit your site is to ask for input. If you’ve written a great article, or a great tutorial, ask people to visit and give their opinion. Just remember, it is their opinion, so don’t be upset if you get some snide remarks. You’re building backlinks, not making friends. Just remember to always keep yourself in a positive light, even when others may not respond to you in a positive light, so you’re not banned from the forum for rude behavior. Asking people to review something on your site is a great way to get your site on the forum and getting people there, without seeming like a blatantly spammy post.

You can also ask the forum members for ideas regarding what they’d be willing to buy, or to give you ideas on articles. WIth this approach, you’ll have real people telling you what product they want, as well as what information they want to know about. This way, you avoid worthless advertising on things which just aren’t that popular.

You can also use the forum as an extension of your website, especially if you are running a tips or tricks site for anything. People go to forums because it’s a place to ask questions. If you find that lots of people are asking questions which you’ve already answered on your website, make a post telling them the answer is on your website. Most likely the subject in question is something the person is interested in, and if your site has the answers they’re seeking to one question, it’s likely to be a wealth of knowledge for the answers to other questions.

Either way you decide to advertise yourself subtlety on an already established forum is a great way to build back links. You’ll also be building your reputation as a webmaster, as real people will be interacting with the you, instead of just your content.

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