Brand Yourself, Brand Your Business

In the article I’ll tell you about why it is important to Brand Yourself, Brand Your Business. Having your own business may be a bit frightening if you do not follow the proper way to get the word and in getting it out quickly. Branding your company alone is not enough. You must brand yourself also. People, nowadays, especially in the internet, do not just join the company alone.

Brand Yourself, Brand Your Business

They join with the person involved first. So, it is better to “pep up” your identity first so that others will have an idea about you and would trust you for who you are as a person. Therefore, when you brand yourself, giving a brand of your business comes along. Yet, how can you brand yourself in a way that you could also brand your business? Here are some of the tips for you.

Let them know you by identifying yourself

When having a website, see to it that you have pictures of yourself being put up and shown on the pages. Always remember that pictures are worth a thousand words. So, see to it that your pictures are really authentic. Make people relate to you by letting them know who you are. You may do this by sharing something about yourself, your history, where you grew up, your interests, hobbies and the likes. The main idea here is just be you.

One of the best ways to do this is to put up a MySpace page about who you are and as much as possible, not about your business. Make your page stand out and leave your prospects with no bad vibes about you as a person. Remember; brand yourself first and not your company.

Make eye catching content

Content is number one! It is very important as this controls your prospects. Rich, informational and relevant content helps you have the sale that you always want. The content pulls the prospects to your company and would make them pull out their money on their pockets and join you in your own venture. To be able to convince them joining your deal, offer something that is related to your company. Yet, do not be too obvious and make them think you are just doing it because you want them to join; because if that be the case, they would run away. Make the customers feel that you are sharing your business with them and not selling it.

Have videos

Videos and taking advantage of social media is the new trend on the internet these days. Marketers all over the world on the internet are now setting up their own YouTube broadcasting site. Talking and expressing yourself online is not only a dynamic way to extend to your prospects but seeing you in action will let your prospects relate to you more. You can do this by merely talking to them only. In this way, people will feel your sincerity as a person by the facial expressions you show them.

Most marketers won’t grasp this kind of idea, branding yourself together in your own company, not until when they realize that there are only a few people that are following them. To let people follow you even though you already have a lot of competitors doing your style, you must have the necessary skills needed to brand yourself online effectively even without pitching your business to the people.

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