Blog Content Ideas

Blog Content Ideas: 25 More Ways to Find Content Ideas That Fit Your Blog. Do you find yourself sometimes struggling to come up with unique ideas for your blog content?

Blog Content Ideas

You want to write something incredible for your blog readers but you realize all the amazing ideas have already been covered elsewhere.

This is quite common for bloggers. Even the greatest bloggers have admitted to experiencing writers’ block at some points in their blogging careers.

You’ll realize that the best way to find blog content ideas

is actually learning how to leverage different channels for your content ideas.

You can make it easier for yourself too by knowing exactly how to unearth blog content ideas. I’ve previously written on how to come up with blog post ideas using the old tricks effectively, but I felt the need to do a more in-depth piece on this topic.

In this post, you’ll find a complete resource that you can always refer to whenever you run out of ways to generate content ideas for your blog or website.

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Using Your Blog Analytics

Your analytics can help you in so many ways in terms of coming up with blog content ideas. Other than measuring and understanding user behavior, your analytics help you understand the types of contents and topics that your readers care about.

Use google analytics or your favorite analytics dashboard for this purpose. You may start by looking out for the following:

   1. Your Top Performing Pages

Your analytics can help you figure out which posts are popular with your readers. If for example you’re using Google analytics, the “Content” menu option allows you to view important data about your blog pages such as pageviews, average time on page, bounce rate, percentage exits, etc.

Using this data you can gain insight into which topics resonate well with your readers. On what subjects are your best performing blog posts? You can then base your content ideas on these subjects.

If you use categories or tags in your blog, check which ones are most popular with your readers and then base your blog content ideas on these topics.

   2. Your Traffic Sources

Your blog analytics allow you to view traffic sources. Your traffic sources can help you come up with great content ideas that resonate with your readers.

For search traffic, look at the search terms that are bringing you more visitors. These are usually very specific key phrases. Use them to create your blog contents. Here you’ll be basing your content on subjects that readers are actually searching for.

Check your referral traffic sources. You’re probably getting referral traffic from other related blogs. Evaluate the contents on these blogs and how they relate to your blog readers. Do these topics interest your readers?  If so, base your content ideas on these topics.

Also check your social traffic sources to find out which pages are popular with your readers on social media – look at the average visit duration and the number of pageviews they are getting. Here again you can tell which topics are resonating well with your audience. Again use this as basis for your blog content ideas.

     3. Internal Site Searches

The search form on your blog is a nice tool to find content gaps in your blog. Use this to find out which kind of information people are looking for once on your blog. Most probably they didn’t find what they were looking for browsing your content, and therefore resorted to using your blog’s search form.

What search terms are they using? These should help you come up with some great content ideas.

    4. Outgoing traffic

If you’re tracking your outbound links, you should be able to tell where your readers are going after they leave your site. They’re definitely following through to external resources that interest them. Use these external resources to form a basis of your blog content ideas.

As you can see, you can use your blog analytics in many creative ways when generating blog content ideas. The idea here is to find out which contents your blog readers care about and then working on those. Use these to understand what topics and subjects your readers love the most, then generate more content ideas from these.

Social Media

Social media is also great for generating content ideas for your blog. Look for the following pointers:

     5. Sharing rate

Which blog posts are getting the highest percentage of shares on facebook, twitter, google+, LinkedIn, etc? These are the ones your readers find most useful. Try to connect with the topics and then base your blog content ideas on these.

    6. Social media conversations

Be observant when on social media sites that you belong too. What are your followers talking about? Join the conversations and watch out for pointers such as questions frequently asked by your followers or industry enthusiasts.

Forums and comments on other blogs are also great for this purpose.

Feedback from Readers/Customers

Use feedback from your blog visitors to generate blog content ideas. Here are some suggestions:

      7. Run a poll on your blog to find out what type of content your readers  are interested in.

     8. If you have a Frequently Asked Questions page on your blog, use it to generate blog content ideas.

      9. Use Testimonials from satisfied customers or clients to generate blog content ideas.

     10. Use your Email List. Are there topics that your subscribers wish to learn more about? Ask them if necessary.

More Ways to find Blog Content Ideas

    11. Search as you type tools. Google search and Soovle are great examples here. AS you type in them, they provide you auto-completed suggestions that are related to what you’re searching for. You can use this feature to come up with different blog content ideas based on what others are searching for.

    12. Interview experts and other thought leaders in your industry or niche.

   13. Be on the Look out for the latest trends and News in your industry. Generate content ideas based on these.

   14. Your Personal Experiences and Case studies. Generate blog content Ideas based on personal experiences relating to your blog. You could also do a post based on a case study.

    15. Predicting Trends. If you’re good at predicting trends, leverage on that.

    16. Upcoming Events. Come up with blog content ideas based on upcoming events in your industry or business, such as product launches.

   17. Reviews. If you sell or promote products on your blog, you could write a blog post reviewing these products or services.

   18. Offline Media such as magazines and Newspapers are also great for generating blog content ideas.

   19. Blog Directories. Look for what the top blogs in your niche are talking about.

   20. Your Favorite Content Writer. If you sometimes outsource your blog content, you could ask your favorite content writer for suggestions. He/She has created lots of contents; their head is probably buzzing with content ideas.

  21. Content curation. This entails sorting through vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in your own meaningful way. Just make sure it connects with your readers.

   22. Generate blog content ideas by asking prospects what keywords they used to find you.

   23. Contests. If you run a contest on your blog, you can do different posts such as an announcement post, reminder post, winner post, etc.

  24. Your Feed Reader. As you go through your feed reader, look for topics that could interest your readers.

   25. Think of great quotes that inspired you.

So how do you generate your blog content ideas?

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