Because a blog is not updated regularly

The title of the article is – Because a blog is not updated regularly. What could be the reason why someone is not updating his blog regularly?

Because a blog is not updated regularly

It all depends on you started blogging in the first place.

Some people are new to the blogging just as a hobby, for others it is just expanding their Internet presence, some just want to be heard and for many, is a full-time business that will generate money.

Whatever the reason, only achieved success with a blog if you update regularly (containing high quality).

But why should we talk about updates?

Simply because it is what makes a blog is better than a page or website.

Although you do not have to update your blog regularly unless you have at least a handful of people who regularly read you too (besides you and your mother).

But from the moment that you have a number of people who follow your blog closely, you will be automatically committed / or provide updates to these people because they’ll be waiting for them!

If you blog for a serious reason, then you should update your blog regularly. However, as you may have noticed that many people do not regularly updated.

And there are two vital points in this

Readers will want to visit a blog that is updated regularly whether, and if there is nothing new, not return.
A blog can be easily indexed by the robots of search engines only if updated regularly with new content
There are thousands of blogs that start every week, but how many actually get to have a noticeable popularity? Some are only there on the web.

So, how difficult is the task of updating a blog with new content? Is it something that only very talented people can do? Do you have to be a “chosen” to do so?

Nothing is further from the truth. Here are some of the reasons why a blog might be “pulled” on the web, free updates:

You picked the wrong niche

Newcomers begin blogging blog two ways: either have a lot of things to share and bring about a typical or simply want to start a blog.

The first is the best, and take you to have a successful blog, but the second is terrible (something many can not help since over 50% of blogs are launched, are no reason).

You might want to start your blog for many reasons, but the main reason should be the niche you have chosen.

Unless and until you have a passion about what you write and have sufficient knowledge in your topic, you will not be able to update it. Choose the niche for your blog.

Run out of ideas

This happens if you have chosen the wrong niche. But not always, because you can run out of ideas even for a niche in which you have a passion.

This happens sometimes, so you have to work and be a little more creative to overcome this problem. Just do not have ideas for new articles in your blog. Or maybe you can not extend an idea. This is known as “writer’s block”.

Try creating mind maps into your older articles and generate new thoughts. You can also make one or two key points have already discussed or have been discussed by someone in a different blog.

Also you can see in the comments section. There are several ways to overcome “writer’s block”. This issue would to write an article or series of articles.

For now, this eBook contains 147 ideas for your blog articles you can use, and you have overcome the blockade in generating content for your blog.

Lost your motivation

Blogging is sometimes difficult, and you can easily reach desmotivarte. You do not get enough traffic to your blog, you do not generate enough revenue through AdSense, you are recognized in your niche … all reasons why you can easily lose your motivation to keep going.

You know what? This is a process, not magic.

Success does not come from the overnight. And by the way, there is this thing called luck. So you have to work very hard if you want to succeed with your blog. Here’s how it works this equation and I assure you will not find a shortcut for this – I tried, but found neither.

You picked a very small niche

It is generally said that when choosing a market niche for a blog, you must stay focused on. And this is true to some extent, but considering all the above factors and excessive competition, choosing a very small niche market, will fail.

You may not have enough content to update your blog regularly. So follow this advice: choose a reasonably sized niche for your blog.

You do not have enough time

This is the problem (and the excuse) more popular among rookies in blogging … never have enough time to update your blog.

Why not have time?

Because they are on Facebook or Twitter. Or checking the traffic they receive on their blog, or reviewing AdSense earnings, or checking your email every 10 minutes, changing the template of your blog, looking widgets or plugins, etc, etc.

Socialize and read other blogs is part of this game called blogging, but everything has to have its fair share. The focus must be directed to write new content and deliver the best to your readers.

You have to learn, that is clear, but do not have to be just a student.

Stay updated with all the information in your niche, but stay focused and provides your best content to your readers … that’s your priority.

Are you regularly update your blog? If you do not, what are the reasons that hold you back?

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