Basic search engine optimization for Bloggers

In this article I’ll tell you about Basic search engine optimization for Bloggers. When you create your first blog, you may have been obsessed with everything to be perfect. This may include sure that all your categories are appropriate, that the URL of your blog is well and has a friendly way to search engine optimization, and titles do not abuse your keywords remain friendly while optimizing seekers.

Basic search engine optimization for Bloggers

These three aspects of blogs have a very significant effect on the way your blog is valued by search engines. This is because these three factors are observed when searchers decide individually appraised resulting entry is in the results page of search engines.


The categories you use in your blog are an extremely important factor when you want to perform a search engine optimization (hereafter SEO-Search Engine Optimization-), as these are internal links to your blog. It should contain a column of categories, and these links will connect with different parts of your blog. The links in a blog matter much when that search engines like Google, better appreciate your content. You must ensure that you choose the text to your categories is a specific keyword and is a popular term in the search engines.

For example, if you’re writing about sunglasses, you can use categories as “walls”, “sunglasses”, and different brands you write often, so when people search for sunglasses in popular phrases, your blog will be found. The categories are also useful to help searchers to find tickets or items of your blog who are looking to make sure that your blog is well categorized. No problem if you use multiple categories in an entry, and not only will help your readers to enontrar other entries of interest, also the search engine robots will have more links to explore and index by


Another extremely important part in the efforts to improve your search engine ranking of your blog is the URL, for your URL or web address is the primary keyword phrase or seen by search engines. You will want to have in your URL a keyword or phrase that is highly sought after in the search engines, and of course you can do it, the point is that these keywords usually have much competition and then be very difficult to come out in the first positions of the search results page of search engines. Therefore, to select a URL keywords that have a balance between popular and competition.


The latest and one of the most important factors which you must put enough attention on your blog are the titles of each of your posts. The titles of your articles play an important role if you want to be in the top positions in the search engines. When creating titles for your entries should look key words and phrases that have less competition in the search engines, so you can easily reach the top. These titles will be found on the main page of your blog and will also be linked to the individual page of your entry.

All three factors play a very important role to position your blog on search engines. Optimizing these three factors you will ensure that your blog will get a good PageRank and thus attract some more visitors. There are two phrases in which your blog should focus, one is your main keyword phrase and more competitive in buscaores and the other is the less competitive but works well with titles.

SEO is a task a bit tedious, but if you research and you implement the right keywords for your blog, there’s no reason you can not be in the top results in at least 10 weeks. The SEO also can seem confusing you and a ‘scary thing’ at first, but you should not skip this part in your blog, because without this never atu attract target audience, your visitors. Once you know what keywords to use in your blog, optimize it for them will be easier than you think and see the traffic! Increase exponentially.

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