Associate Online Degree

This article is about Associate Online Degree. An associate degree refers to a program that takes two years and consists of three parts that include electives, major requirements and general education. It usually has 60 credit hours and can be conveniently done online. These degree programs are available in a majority of community, technical and junior colleges and offer a variety of subjects to choose from. It is also possible to enroll for an accelerated online program that will take you less than two years.

Associate Online Degree

These online programs are similar to those that are offered on campus but they are fully available on the internet. The degree programs are either in liberal arts such as arts and science or an occupational one like electronics. If you have an online associate degree in liberal arts, business or any other discipline, you can transfer to any bachelor’s degree program of your choice.

There are four types of associate degrees that include A.A which refers to Associate of Arts Degree which allows you to transfer to a 4 year university or college, A.A.S that stands for Associate of Applied Science degree that will prepare you for an entry level job or a chance to advance after the 2 years, A.S which is an abbreviation for Associate of Science degree that gives you an opportunity to transfer to a four year university or college and an occupational degree with which you can start working as soon as you graduate. The main purpose of an occupational degree is to prepare you for a career.

Some of the disciplines that you can get an associate degree in include Fire Science, Health Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Design, Criminal Justice, Social Sciences, Accounting and Business and Management.

When looking for a college that offers associate degrees, you should look for one that is accredited to make sure that the degree you get is recognized by employers and universities that you want to transfer to.

Getting an online associate degree will help you earn twice the amount of money that a high school graduate would make and there are also more employment opportunities available to you.

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