Associate of Arts in Accounting

If you are interested in getting into the accounting field, an associate degree in accounting will help you get started. Associate of Arts in Accounting makes it possible for you to get professional certification in accounting. It is also a good option if you intend to transfer to any 4 year college or university. The Associate of Arts in Accounting degree combines liberal arts and financial principles that most employers are interested in.

Associate of Arts in Accounting

For this accounting degree, you have to pass courses that will give you the skills necessary in the accounting field. Some of the courses that you need to take for this associate degree include Tax Law, Statistics, Applied Management, Quantitative Skills and Principles of Accounting.

There are certain skills that you need to get before you can graduate so that you become familiar with the tax laws and accounting principles. These skills are technical skills, analytical skills and problem solving skills.

Apart from giving you the skills you need to get into the accounting field, you will also be able to pursue further studies with an associate degree. It teaches you how to estimate the value of equities and liabilities set up and apply accounting standards in your financial presentations and use critical thinking to recognize and resolve problems.

An Associate of Arts in Accounting will give you more job opportunities in the accounting filed compared to a high school graduate, give you job stability and earn you more money as well. Most businesses are under pressure to ensure accuracy and transparency when making their financial reports and this means that there are more jobs available in the field. Some of the positions that you can get with an Associate of Arts in Accounting degree include audit associate, payroll administrator, junior staff accountant and financial data analyst.

Make sure you enroll in a college that is accredited if you want a credible degree that employers and universities will recognize. If you want to pursue a bachelor’s degree program after your associate degree, you should make sure that the Associate of Arts in Accounting credits can be transferred.

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