Art Management – Online Courses Available

This article tells you about Art Management – Online Courses Available. Art management is the discipline of restoring and dealing in antique and art work. Art management is a $60 billion industry that employs thousands of professionals worldwide in small, medium and international businesses. Establishments ranging from auction houses, art galleries, insurance companies, investment banks as well as thousands of private art collectors are involved in this industry.

Art Management - Online Courses Available

Art Management is a highly lucrative field with many job opportunities in the art capitals of the world like London, Paris, New York and Tokyo. There are many art schools that offer online courses on art management. These art schools have become very popular in recent years.

Most schools require a prior degree in art history for students to apply in art management courses. Art History is one of the most vital subjects in the field of art management. The main aim of art management courses is to help the students learn the techniques of evaluating and marketing of art objects.

The courses begin with an introduction on art markets, art law, methodologies of research, business planning, finance and art marketing. The students are also given a detailed module on art history which covers the major schools of art from around the world and main genres of art through history like medieval, Islamic art, ancient art from civilizations like India, China, Mesopotamia, Byzantine, and Egypt.

The further modules teach the students art business strategy and management, visualization and investment in art, conservation techniques, art heritage, and ethics at national and global levels. Most bachelor courses in art management are for the duration of 1-2 years. The course fees would vary from school to school depending on the faculty involved, course material provided and other related costs. The course fees of online courses are much lesser when compared to regular full time courses as the fees for classrooms, hotel stay etc are eliminated.

It is recommended that you carry out a detailed survey on the various programs offered by the art schools on art management. In the field of art management, the value of certification is very important and employers give a lot of attention and value to the school of graduation. Therefore it is vital that you consult professionals in the field and take advice on the value of the various art management courses offered.

A great medium of doing this is through many online forums and art management networks. Specialists and established professionals participate in these forums to give advice on the value of various art management programs and the job opportunities post completion.

Art management is a field that requires an eye for detail, an understanding of business and law, a good temperament for research, and a mastery of marketing. So, if you are an art buff, love to be around the works of the masters, and get paid for it too, you should seriously consider a Master’s course in art management. Not only is the work high-end and fascinating, it also pays well. Moreover, it gives you the satisfaction of restoring and maintaining works of art for the future generations.

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