Are Online Business Degrees useful in real life?

The article concerns the following question – Are Online Business Degrees useful in real life? Online business degrees are probably one of the most controversial and talked about degrees offered on the internet. Those individuals who obtained their degrees, particularly MBAs, on-campus, and even more so at prestigious universities, are actually offended by people that equate internet business degrees from no-name virtual institutes to bona fide degrees from real universities. And who could blame them for being angry when there is considerable merit in what they say?

Are Online Business Degrees useful in real life

Think about having to receive a substantial part of one’s grade in a course from class participation, working face-to-face with others, and having the commitment to actually attend classes on a regular basis and continue with life in between. And then fast forward to getting a job as a CEO or other senior management position and you are considered an equal to someone who received a degree from interacting anonymously on a computer.

By and large, many people accept that there are certain types of degrees or diplomas that can be obtained online and through correspondence courses. But for some reason, online business degrees fall into a gray area. So answering the question “are online business degrees useful in real life?” is going to depend on why the student wanted the degree, and if the student is accountable to any entity. Basically, if the person who received the degree wants to broaden her own knowledge and use the information to improve her own abilities either at work or in her own business, the degree will prove very useful.

Likewise, for an individual whose employer has agreed to pay for a business degree, and one of the options available is an online program, then it it certainly is in the employee’s best interest to complete the course. But let’s assume an individual decides to undertake an online business degree with the sole purpose of being able to state on a résumé that she has an MBA, the usefulness of the degree will depend on how a particular corporation views distance learning. Sometimes the employer will request proof of the degree for internship programs for newly graduated candidates. Just how eager the company is to accept an online business degree remains to be seen.

Further, although convenience seems to be the determining factor and the greatest appeal for taking an online degree, students who have graduated from these programs have indicated that there was some difficulty with the course material. In specific instances where the students had no business knowledge or experience, they found the courses tough to grasp because of the terminology used.

People in the business world are accustomed to hearing commerce words as commonplace. Further, in a physical setting, the students hear the terminology as part of the everyday language used by the professor. It is much easier to understand meanings and nuances when the words are spoken, rather than just written definitions.

But, the fact remains that many online universities, both virtual institutes and universities and colleges with physical campuses, offer online business degrees. And in today’s economy, students are gravitating to these programs in record numbers. How useful the programs are to the individual students will depend on the purpose for which the student undertakes the degree.

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