Always Double Check Your SEO

In the article I’ll tell you about why it is important to Always Double Check Your SEO. Each month we continue to see the margins shrinking in the paid search market while the market itself continues to grow. That all seems to be stemming from the fact that competition isn’t really entering into the market as often as they should. The days when one company would battle another for their spot on the SERPS seems to have all but disappeared.

Always Double Check Your SEO

The first reason behind this seems to be the misconception that being competitive in the SERPs is an expensive task. What they neglect to mention is that the overall market is large enough that unless you’re battling out for the top position with a high priced agency, you’re not going to be paying through the nose like you’ve been lead to believe.

To prevent these high bills, companies really need to be more involved in their SEO. Pay attention to your bill, don’t just pay it. Definitely feel free to shop around as well or you may end up with the wrong company. You can always have an audit performed by another company or even request one from the company that you’re dealing with to see exactly where your best exposure is coming from and perhaps use that to refocus your strategy.

There are so many little fixes that can be overlooked if you’re not familiar enough with SEO/SEM. Simply changing the URL structure can be enough to bump you up a few positions. Same thing goes with adding additional content to your site. It is all something that can easily be overlooked when you’re shooting for the stars.

Often times, a simple rewrite of your URL structure can be enough to move your site into a position to be indexed by the search engines. Commonly, most front-end Web developers will fix a few sets of page types throughout the site. However, the search engines provide a score to the whole site that will determine what will be indexed due to site accessibility.

Thus, it’s important not to just fix a few pages and try to hit up as many pages as possible. By skimping on the complete fix, you can create a large problem. For example, if all of your category pages leading up to your product or service pages are not properly built, but the product pages are properly constructed. The product pages will still not rank well, since the category pages will not allow the search engines to pass enough credit to these end pages in order to push them up in the rankings.

Regardless of how you decide to go about things, you need to understand that you’re going to have to visit your website often and search through it, making sure it’s very easy to navigate through. If you get stuck finding things on your website, how do you think your visitors will feel when they do the same thing? It’s also beneficial to have other people visit the site for you and give their opinion.

Never feel bad about questioning your SEO/SEM. If they can’t explain themselves and their actions, there really is no need for them. Keep that in mind as you progress further in building your web empire.

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