Affiliate Marketing and Pre-selling for Enhanced Success

The article gives guidelines on Affiliate Marketing and Pre-selling for Enhanced Success. You already know that affiliate marketing is one of the most-used business models people use to make money on the Internet.  You also know that there are tens of thousands of people earning a substantial amount of money with affiliate marketing.  They’ve done it; you know you can, too, but your experience isn’t quite what you want it to be.  What can you do?  Make a subtle change in your marketing approach by pre-selling.

Affiliate Marketing and Pre-selling for Enhanced Success


How pre-selling helps you enjoy increased financial success

Why should you pre-sell in affiliate marketing; isn’t that what the sales page does?  Not exactly.  Most sales pages are pitching and are a bit past the subtle stage.

Pre-selling helps your reader trust you and it’s a bit disarming, which means your reader isn’t filtering what you say because of your honesty.  Think of pre-selling as “preparing” your reader or visitor to buy.

The subtle art of pre-selling in affiliate marketing

Let’s face it – no one wants to buy when they feel they are being forced to do so.  People want to think that they came to their decision to buy completely on their own accord.

How do you pre-sell so that your visitors are convinced that they need your product, without blatantly advertising?  Write great content.  It is essential that you offer enough information that your reader finds it valuable, but you want to stop just before giving away the store.  Entice your reader, but don’t totally satisfy their hunger.

The science of pre-selling

While pre-selling in affiliate marketing is a subtle art, it’s also a science.  It does matter how you present the information to your readers, so decide all of this before you begin.

Offer enough information to get your reader on a roll, but don’t provide enough for them to completely solve their problem.  Alternately, you can provide all of the information the reader needs so that they can see how hard it is to solve their problem on their own; then they will be in desperate need of your product when they see it isn’t as easy as they thought it would be.

The point is, you need to be subtle in affiliate marketing, providing great content that offers value to the reader along with a gentle nudge that they don’t notice to help guide them to making the buying decision.

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