Adobe Eyeing Online Marketing Space

The article gives guidelines on Adobe Eyeing Online Marketing Space. Just the mention of Adobe, makes you think of all the wonderful products like Photoshop, Flash and Reader. However, off late the company is looking to change its image from a purely product-based company to a data and service oriented one. As part of this change, Adobe has made several acquisitions, with the latest addition being that of EfficientFrontier.

Adobe Eyeing Online Marketing Space


New Frontier

EfficientFrontier came into limelight because of their famous ‘portfolio theory’, a method that the company devised and successfully used for placing ads online. It was especially targeted towards large AdWords advertisers. EfficientFrontier has certainly carved a niche for itself and boasts of an impressive client list with names like Discover Financial Services and

Although Adobe is credited with several innovations, it has also been at the receiving end of major flak and criticism for developing products that end up being obsolete. Flash, a great example of this, was once a revolution but has declined greatly in the last few years.

This has prompted Adobe to widen its scope and gain better stability by diversifying its portfolio. Apart from EfficientFrontier, Adobe also boasts the web analytical tool, Omniture that further drives home the point. With this, the company plans to deliver and manage critical online advertising strategies and services that have become pivotal for most brands today.

The Road Ahead

According to Adobe’s official statement (courtesy Bloomber Businessweek), “The decision to buy online-advertising company Efficient Frontier is to gain software that lets marketers place ads on Google Inc.’s and Facebook Inc.’s websites.”

“The deal would expand Adobe’s palette of tools for online advertisers and complement software it acquired with Omniture Inc. two years ago. Closely held EfficientFrontier, based in Sunnyvale, California, sells software that lets advertisers buy keywords on Google, place ads on Facebook, and purchase so-called display ads around the Web. Adobe, based in San Jose, California, didn’t disclose the price and said the transaction would be completed by February.”

Adobe is just one of the many companies who are looking to change strategies and explore different areas to keep pace with the ever evolving digital world.

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